The private life of plants series. David Attenborough

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  1. Just watched these documentaires not that long ago, and found them an absolute joy to watch.

    Heres a link to them if its ok... The Private Life of Plants | Watch Free Documentary Online

    Although the quality isnt amazingly great online though, and unwatchable on full screen imo. I had actually recorded them through virgin media when they were aired recently, so got to watch them in HD.. fuck yeah !.

    One question i have though, to anyone who is familiar with these documentaires and the use of 'time-lapse sequences'.. {super slow-mo}.
    They use this technique quite alot thoughout the series and is great to see it unfold before your eyes, but im puzzled... the clips show growth that, at times obviously doesnt happen within a day, and is prob over the course of a few days if not longer but you never see any dark periods, im guessing they just edit night out of ther footage? And if so, its amazing how they do it because the growth seems flawless. And the use of lights to illuminate the area during the night is obviously a no-no.

    Is that how they do it, just edit it in some magical way ?

    Hope that makes sense.

    Anyway, for anyone who hasnt seen them yet... def worth a watch.

    Theres also a doc called 'secret life of plants' on there. Havent watched that yet though and looks like its been ripped from a vhs tape lol.
    And after a quick browse theres a few doc's on that site worth a look.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if there were very strong lights trained on them. I remember on that show time warp(discovery channel) they were very diligent about there lighting, because the high speed camera relies on it. Their operations were also considerably smaller those of a bbc special.
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    Hmm, intresting. I do watch time warp now and again. Great show.

    It just puzzled me, as recently iv joined into the wonderfull world of weed growing and knowing how important total darkness is it got me thinking. If it wasnt for that i would have just watched the doc and not have gave it a second thought.

    And when you use the word 'trained' on them mate. Do you mean anything in particualr when using the word trained ? Like a special technique or forcing the plant in some way to graduall adapt to unusual light?

    I see im getting a bit out my depth here lol.
  4. Yeah man, even the book version is great. It inspired me to keep Venus fly traps, cacti, various succulents. Made a great present for an elderly relative as well.

    Trained = pointed at them/focused on them. As in, "there were very strong lights pointed at them."

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