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The princess Samantha

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. Well my city friends, I have some news!

    The little princess has decided she is ready to go..

    Being only 6&1/2 months old, she has decided she wants to walk.

    The ex & I were sitting in the den floor playing with Samantha when she turns towards me and take 4 steps before we realised what was going on. I caught her before she feel. She took a total of 5 steps that time and will take 2-3 steps fairly easy.

    Now the down side of this............................

    I have to spend a couple of days (my spare time) putting all the "no no" stuff up high enough that she can't reach them....

    I just had to share this with my family here at the city!

    Internet or not friends-----------I still think of you as family--- right Critter, BPP, and others????????

    Damn I'm high and happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. You are now entering stage two of 'rugrats'. It wont be long now and you'll be hittin' 'curtain climbers' - or better known as 'terrible two's'!!!

    The race is on!!

    Good luck my friend!!
  3. Hehe, congrads Budhead! Won't be long now before you have to run to keep up with her.

    It's always cool to be able to witness the big firsts like that though!
  4. She hasn't figured out how to crawl yet. She took a few more steps this morning. Walking before crawling..

    I am amazed at how smart she really is. She is truely a beautiful thing.
  5. Yay! babies!

    eh hehehehe!

    I'm so happy.

    Smart kid man, seriously.
  6. hey bud head... that rocks man... walking before crawling. that should give ya some big time bragging rights ;) lol.
  7. HIGH All, right on Bud Head!!!!! Take pictures Bud Head they grow up too fast. I can still remember (yes I still remember) WoodBug's first step six or so years ago, it is a proud moment.
  8. Walking before crawling!! Oh, you're in for it now, Bud Head!!! Congratulations, I know you must be so proud. Thanks for sharing the big moment with us. Isn't it amazing how fast kids grow and change? (((Bud Head & family)))
  9. woohoo samantha! you have an overachiever on your hands there bud head, you watch out! next thing you know she'll be dating boys :) ooo!
    *proud and happy for you*
  10. Not dating. I don't want to think about that at all! lol

    I haven't thought of her being an over acheiver. I just thought she was getting ahead of her time on walking.

    When she tries to crawl, it looks like she is swimmming. She brings her arms to her side in the air and legs off the floor.

    I am video tapping her al,most every day. She does something new every day!

    I am proud.

    I love sharing lifes greatness with you guys and gals!
  11. She is walking already!!!!!! You have a lil genius on your hands!!!!! I love when kids are first starting to walk but baby proofing a house can be time consuming and just when you think you have everything put away.......they always find something else. But congrats Bud Head.........I can't wait to see more pics of the little princess!!!!!!!!
  12. Congrats Bud! Enjoy her while you can!
  13. Dating boys, huh? I mean, walking...sorry! ;) Ganjaphish put that horrible evil DATING BOYS thought in my head! Bad Ganjaphish! LOL!!!!

    That's cool, Bud Head! I know you are a very proud Daddy. You have your hands full now! Little Samantha is going to get away with EVERYTHING. All she'll have to do is just look up in her Daddy's eyes and his heart's gonna melt like butter, baby!!!!!

    ...oh...YES...We're a big family, no doubt!
  14. She is trying to help me type at the moment. I guess I 'll have to get some tranning from you gals when it gets time for

    I love Ya'll people!

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