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The price of weed in NJ

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by historian917, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. i live in marlboro and cant go anywhere else to buy some. how much will it cost me.

    a gram...
    and ounce...
  2. I'm from New Bruns and it's always been 20 dollars a gram for me. I've never picked up a zip though :(
  3. All depends on what you want....

    A gram will cost you $20 bucks pretty much anywhere in jersey...But, if you seek better bud, you will get less than a g...Dank shit sells for .8 or .9 for $20

    As for the ounce, it depends on what your getting...You can get an O of good shit for $330...or some mids for $200...Depends on if your getting it from straight from the grower or a middle-man...or multiple middle-men, this all jacks up the price cuz every dude it goes thru wants to make profit...

    SO basically you can get an 0 from $180-$200 for some regs or pay $300+ for good shit...

    Jersey weed is expensive man, I learned quick
  4. Jersey Grass is overpriced.
    We have some decent stuff but the prices tend to be a bit up there.
  5. All the shit I get never has a name!!!! Where can I get some famous strains at?
  6. i can get "dro" for 200 an O. iv never gotten that much though. i usally get 1/8 for 50 of some high mids.
  7. i hate living in this fucking state
  8. the only deals i get are on 1/8...I bought one on Friday for $45...but to buy alot of weight its expensive man...
  9. i know nj weed prices are horrible, i see people talking bout ounces for like 100 dollars... Its like 300 for me :[

  10. hell yea...feel the same way
  11. it definitely helps to have good connects in jersey of you want to get some decent bud for a decent price.
  12. I get great named strains for fabulous prices. I picked up an ounce of JH for 135 last week, and the week before that I got an ounce of green crack for 200. You just have to know were to look and you can't be intimidated by high prices.

    If someone is selling too high just tell them your taking your business elsewhere. I used to struggle with bud too but you just have to keep your eyes and ears open and you will find the right connections.
  13. yeah the price of bud in Jersey is nuts...I pay $4oo an O and have been quoted $5800 a Lb... Thats for Sour D or some Silver Haze but stiil is High. I won't smoke anything else though, mids give me a headache and I only get stoned for about 20 min. so I dont even price them. I'd rather pay and get the sticky ikky looks so good almost dont want to smoke ya, but after I do I remember why I toked ya!!!!!!!

    Keep on puffin no matter what the cost boys!!!:smoking:
  14. anybody live in SJ. all i can get is headies
  15. the weed problem in jersey just keeps getting worse and worse

    i remember waaay bak in the day ( 8 years ago) when i was in HS weed was $30 for 2 grams of bangin bud. now its $20 for .8 or .7

    this shit is ridiculous...

    something has to be done to change things

    its not fair that ppl get a gram for $10 elsewhere and we r stuck paying $20 for a bag that doesnt even have a whole gram in it

    complete bullshit...

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