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Discussion in 'General' started by Thelxiepia, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. actually, i was wondering if anyone knows some prices for weed in Richmond Va. i have friend that get it but i gotta get my own at some time :p can anyone help out?
  2. yea i live pretty close, i get it for 40 an eight of nice shit
  3. that sounds about right (from what i hear from other people). but they use all the termanology that i don't know and i'm a bit lost. i mean i know what schwag is...but everything else i'm lost on!
  4. if you wanna write the terms you dont know we can tell ya what they all mean...over time you should get used to the like a completly different language sometimes...
  5. i have succeeded in getting some schwag for $20 for a quarter or something like that. i had a friend hook me up with this guy. i know schwag isn't the greatest but it gets me where i need to be :) so i need to know what dank is. my friend was telling me about something and mentioned dank...
  6. Dank= awsome, cool, good

    Example A:

    "Oh man thats some dank bud!"


    "Gee Wiz sal! thats some mighty fine marijuana you have there!"

    Example B:

    "Fuck bro, that's dank!"


    "Gee whiz buddy, that's swell!"
  7. i could go for some dank right about now
  8. heh, hit a GB for the first time today. high as a mofo all day. now i have the sniffles and a fever. is my activities related to my sickness. oh yeah, went and smoked the other night with my kena. then we went skinnydipping. great fun. :-D named my bowl schariece. i should put up a pic of it.
  9. You may have shared a piece with someone else who was sick..but smoking bud shouldn't cause simptoms like most you'd end up with a sore throat from excesive smoke inhalation

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