The pretzels in Chex Mix

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GiveMeYourBud, Jan 18, 2014.

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  1. Why? Why are they even in there? I rather less weight in the bag then have those damn things ruining my expirence. 
    Right now I'm eating cheese flavored chex mix. I fucking hattteee cheese. These, these are dank doe. But I have to pour a handful, take the pretzels out because the rest is just godly deliciousness and then... a fucking pretzel? COME ON

  2. And whats with the fucking raisins in trail mix. WTF IS GOING ON IN THE ASSORTED SNACK MIX INDUSTRY! 
  3. Does no one else honestly share my concern? I'm starting a petition. 
  4. First world problems aha ..
  5. I'm sorry but I'm already too busy with my campaign against them hard ass rye bread things they put in there. That shit could choke a horse. Good luck.
  6. [quote name="smokinokie" post="19360586" timestamp="1390008064"]I'm sorry but I'm already too busy with my campaign against them hard ass rye bread things they put in there. That shit could choke a horse. Good luck.[/quote]Hop off that regmix and get some of that good bruh. Cheese dont fucks with that rye bs.#mix shotSent from my SPH-L710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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    the pretzels and those hard ass rye things are my favorite parts of chex mix. its that airy bullshit that fills 85% of the bag i cant stand. 
  8. Was going to call you and air head and realized I haven't had airheads in years. The white ones were the shit. I liked the blue red and all the other ones too. God I love airheads. 
  9. Now I know where to send them rye horse chokers. FedEx comin your way.
    Worcestershire = the whole reason to eat the stuff until your mouth is raw.
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    the pretzels are fucking awesome,
    you need a better appreciation for things.
    1/5 on some of the frostiest nuggs on this? because it wasn't a picture of CHOCOLATE?
    and now your complaining about (what many consider) DELICIOUS CHEESY PRETZELS?
    If you looked I gave it a 5/5. But sense you're going to be a pretzel lover I'm changing to 1/5!
    Why would i go back and look? 
    i'm not avidly checking to make sure you like good buds on this site...
    you gave it a 1/5 cuz it wasn't food.. and now your bitching about food more.. lol 
  13. What's wrong with pretzels? Pretzels are an amazing snack.

    Chex mix is not, however. The tastes of everything get blended together and just makes everything taste gross and similar. It's a great concept, a blend of tastes and flavors, but it's execution is poor.
  14. Yeah you don't know what you're talking about none of you do. You are all haters and don't understand my likes and needs. Can't you all see you're tearing this family apart? Or do you simply not care?!
  15. I wish I had this much to worry about!

    Talking of pretzels, I asked my dad to get me a bag, he comes back and tells me he doesn't know what a pretzel is?!?
    How can you be on this earth 60 years and never cross paths with a pretzel?!
    we're haters? clearly you're the only one on this shit hating on the fuckin pretzels,
    you're tearing the chex family apart..
    BITCH *flips you off* *flips hair* *dips*
  18. A misperception on your part. Being a Dad of near similar age, I can tell you with reasonable certainty that it's not that he doesn't know what a pretzel is, but told you that because it's not nice to say "Fuck you! No!" to your children. This could be tearing yet another family apart. It appears that Nancy Grace is right about people on pot and what they do to families.
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    some of us enjoy a nice pretzel now and then..
    it makes a for a good treat.
    the worst thing in a chex mix is the fucking nasty ass chex themselves.
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