The Power of REASON

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by intikal03, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. I haven't done a large variety of drugs, but i smoke bud just about every day, and occasionally trip on shrooms or acid if it comes around. Anyways, its nice to just get high and messed up sometimes, but does anyone else do drugs sometimes for the cognitve aspects? By this i mean, smoking bud to allow your mind to think differently, more creatively at times, and etc...
    Shrooming or Acid to discover insights into yourself and learning and discovering things using the power of your mind and Reason...

    ...or am i just really stoned

  2. that's one of the main reasons i smoke weed man.

    i like to smoke so i can look at things differently and think about them differently. and maybe even look at totally new things.

    it's about more than just feeling fucked up :)
  3. warping one's perception can lead to wisdom that can't be revealed under normal circumstances

    it's like solving a rubik's cube by peeling off all the squares and rearanging them or making fun of someone to their face without them knowing it. When you make the rules it's easy to win. In more philisophical terms it's like learning what is by knowing what isn't. And some people will hate you for doing this.
  4. Do you suppose any of the great philosophers and thinkers ever did any Mind expanding drugs or hallucinogens?
    Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, etc...?
  5. all of them. no question about it in my mind. even if it was booze alone, those guys spent alot of time out of their heads.
  6. all of them for sure it was legal in them days
  7. Of course... every single time... i'm hoping to set things straight so i will do it only for the trip soon...
  8. yeah for me it seems like every time i get high i notice a new little thing and i try to remember it and learn from it. when i get high, its like having god point out something to me and say "hey, look at that." and i go "oh yeah, i never looked at that before." each time i realize something new about life. maybe eventually ill just learn all i need to know, and ill have completed the puzzle.

  9. ...Probably, but you do have a point;)

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