The Power of addiction

Discussion in 'General' started by tokr8989, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. man, i think the hold the need for ciggerattes can over over a person is just amazing, their desperate need for a ciggeratte. the other day i was offerd a nice glass pipe for 1 ciggeratte, and naturally i accepted this deal, but it sorta shocked me. this is what tobacco companies, make you have the need to smoke, to where youll even sell out for a ciggerattee.

    damn i need to quit smoking cigs

    (just a high rant)
  2. yea dude, fuck cigs. my friend has started coughing up blood and shit cus hes smokin so much. plus theyre a waste of money that could be going toward weed. or gas. or food.
  3. I started smoking cigarettes when I was 12 years old when I lived in germany and they had cig machines everywhere. I finally quit almost 3 months ago. I was sick and the smoke would scratch my throat really hard and I was like fuck it. I realized risking cancer, and not even getting high is just dumb. I realized cigarettes are an excuse to take a break, so im just gunna take a break anyway and smoke herb. Im gunna smoke herb before I eat and make the food taste better rather then eat and get rid of the food taste with a cigarette. Fuck cigarettes. You can quit only when you really want to.

    Unfortunately I am not 100% free from tobacco as I occasionally smoke blunts.
  4. I never smoked, but I was/am addicted to Pepsi (Could be the caffeine). I use to drink at least 6 cans a day until I quit over a week ago. Other drinks just don't completely quench my thirst so I constantly feel like going and buying a case of pop.
  5. Addiction will kill me.. but I doubt it'll be the cigs.
    Fuck life.
  6. Cigarettes I feel are more of a mental or emotional addiction. I'm not emotionally strong, so it's hard for me to quit... But the stoges do not compare to some other addictions that I've kicked, but I just really don't want to quit now, because I've coughed up some pretty interesting and colorful shit that I could probably sell to science.

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