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  1. How far apart do I need to keep a male plant away from a female plant so that the male doesnt do anything to the female?
    Right now I have 2 females in a window in 1 room and 1 male in a window in the next room over. The doors usually stay open tho. Is this far enough apart?
  2. If your hoping for buds it might be safer to get rid of the male plant altogether. It's too risky, one little bug is all it could take for your females to become fertilised.
  3. Ya, that is probably the safest method, eh. But just out of curiosity how much bud will a male plant produce in comparison to a female? Are they useless, or what?
  4. I know this guy who is going to start growing weed. I work with him, he doesn't have internet access, but has read a couple times in past some info on growing but forgot some. He is in the process of building the growing area at the time. He is going to paint the walls white and he bought for now 3 sets of double light holders and 6 flouresent 40 watt lights. So its three sets of two lights, how far apart should he spread these? Or would the 40watt not work as good as something else, and is it better to have single instead of double frames?

    Also he needs info on lots more, like what seeds to use? Just ones out of your bag you normally buy? Or you need special seeds? A friends sells 36 seeds for $25, guaranteed to grow, so I was thinking about that then...

    And like how do you tell male and female plants apart and what is the reason for this!

    SO many questions still :-/

    ps: kind of looking for someone who can e-mail info or AIM info instead of the board but I know how it is so if board is all you can do then plz write here still

  5. On the other side of the state would be good...or...yank..toss..

    No ,,,it is not far enough,,,pollen can travel for many miles...

  6. So what does the male do to female plants? Also how do you tell male from female, plz write back soon

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