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The pot talk

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sweetpotaters, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. My dad just came up to me and started talking to me about pot. I was, and still am extremely high.

    I'm going to college next year and he thinks I've never smoked pot ( I hate that word). He started to tell me how he occasionally smoked pot as a teen/early adult, all of his friends did it, and how he supports medicinal marijuana, and thinks it should be legal. He also told me about how the government is all propaganda bullshit. He did believe that most marijuana users were the typical "DUUUUUUDDEE......HAVE you ever reaaaaally looked at your hand" type stoner

    He also pointed out that many weed users revolve their life around it (which can happen).

    All in all he seemed to believe that it was a medicinal plant, but I shouldn't be doing it until I get out of college and even thereafter. He doesn't want me to screw up my life, and I fully respect that. Do you think that he would be the type of person that can be convinced? Otherwise imma be giving it up until I am out of his house...

    Im confused about his reaction, as I would think that a old marijuana user would know that its ok on occasion. Do you think he would come around if I was honest with him, or just leave off telling him I've done it before and stop until I'm out of college.....

    Congrats if you made it this far :hello:
  2. If you were really high and he didnt notice, just keep on as you are. It seems apparent that you are being responsible with it. If it tugs at your conscience just tell him like you told us, if he doesnt want you to then dont do it at his house and if he doesnt care then all good.
  3. Yo, he prolly knows you smoke lol
  4. Bring up that conversation you had with him, then ask him what he would think/do if you hypothetically actually smoked. Then, based on that answer, you could drop tha muthafuckin truth on him, or not. Totally up to you though.
  5. Just prove to him that it's not "screwing up your life".
    He might have disapproval, but at least your claim is justified.

    I would just continue smoking. Like really now, when do people listen to their parents when it comes to not doing weed :p
  6. Prolly does. Just gotta be more careful I guess
  7. i'm going to agree that he knows.

    did he just have this convo with you out of the blue?
    and what did you respond?

    i think you should be honest. seems like he was trying to to reach out...
  8. Its funny cuz I think he might be high. His eyes are red as fuck and he's not acting like drunk, but more so he's trying to act normal.
  9. Talking bout school and he brought it up. I wasn't really thinking clearly, or much at all, but I subtly argued in support of it while never specifically referring to whether or not I've done it before
  10. Just had the same convo more or less 10 minutes ago :cool:
  11. pretty sure your dad had that convo with you because he knew you were high i think what hes trying to say is it's ok to smoke pot just as long as you dont fuck up and waste your life
  12. Sounds like it's time for a good ol father and son sesh if you ask me! :bongin:
  13. Forgot to add the part where he said "if I catch you I'll murder you". Seems harsh for an old toker
  14. ^that changes things if he said that hes telling you to wait until your out of the house
  15. Your pops sounds pretty cool man. I don't think he'll have a major freak out like other parents, just let him know that you've got your priorities in order. He's just looking out for you, congrats on having a cool dad bro. :cool:
  16. Ask him to chief with you
  17. The fact that he didn't realize you were high through that convo is a pretty good indicator that you're a pretty mature stoner. I'd say it's really up to you, but I think if you sat him down and told him you smoked, told him why, and explained how you keep it from messing with your real responsibilities, he'd be fine with it. Probably wouldn't let you smoke in the house but then you still won't have to hide it anymore.

    Hell, with my dad's sense of humor I'd tell him I was high during the convo!

    Back when I was 18 and I told my parents I smoked pretty regularly and sat them down and did the same thing with them, my mom was VERY against it at first while my dad took the "I used to do it (he still does he won't admit it though), most guys do as teenagers, just do what you're gonna do but don't do it in my house and be responsible" stance. They never let me smoke in the house but if they walked in on me rolling a joint I would just give em a wry smile and they'd laugh or shake their head and walk out (my mom grew to accept it after a couple months).
  18. ^^^ I could easily convince my mom to let me, but my dad seems to think that it can rewire your brain almost. Anyone ever here of that?

  19. Hahahaha, You my good man are absolutely 100% correct.

    When parents talk to you about weed it just goes in one ear then out the other.

    As soon as they leave your room just wait about 10 mins to make sure they aint tryna catch you out then roll another one of dem bad boys and spark it up :cool:
  20. this is my first post on these forums.. ive been following alot of these for a while and decided to make and account.. soo hello everyone =). I just full on told my parents that i smoke. Just make it sound like your not some stoner pot head failure lol. I have had semi decent grades my whole life but when i started smoking my grades went down not due to smoking but from sports/ and getting social ( i was kind of an introvert my whole life) so i made sure they understood that and they were pretty cool with it. they just said not to do it in front of them and my siblings. and BOOM. smoking daily ever since. haha

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