the pot heads IQ??

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  1. This is probly the wrong place for this thread but i like it here.

    So whats your iq if you dont know --->

    Are we all retards or geniussss?

    i got 131

    • Over 140 - Genius or near genius
    • 120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence
    • 110 - 119 - Superior intelligence
    • 90 - 109 - Normal or average intelligence
    • 80 - 89 - Dullness
    • 70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency
    • Under 70 - Definite feeble-mindedness
  2. I got 123.
  3. I hope you know these things are false and give pretty much everbody high scores.
  4. haha i got 132!

  5. hopefully the generation after us become super intelligent because of the false encouragement that theyre smart-er
  6. also got a 132
  7. i got 136.. but it was pretty easy.. i don't think that's accurate...!
  8. I got a 74! My highest test grade yet!
  9. got a 136, i always knew i was basically a genius.
  10. 136 but I have little faith in this. Not saying I'm dumb but these things are very unreliable.
  11. got 147. i'm pretty sure im not a genius soooo...yeah.
  12. On a real IQ test I took in high school (they thought I was gifted, lolz), I tested 121.
    On this test I tested 126. In a real IQ test you're timed though.
  13. Im afraid to inform you all that IQ is completely irrelevant, even more so from these free online tests. I've never done one and never will because it doesn't mean anything. You can't put a value on a part of a humans personality.
  14. something, shit i just typed someone as my iq... damn i'm too high for this.

  15. RETARD!

    j/k. You're probably right. Most people who score above average can't wait to post it in some forum, their stubby little fingers poking away at the keyboard, wiping their monitors clean of jism from just busting a nut after finding out they were "special".


    Ahem :hide:
  16. i completely agree with you, these things arent sure they can and will change
  17. when I took a real one in high school I got a 154, but I've never really trusted it. Sure I can do mathematics, have a fairly good grasp of the English language, and tremendous logic (if I say so myself ;)) but its my spacial reasoning, observational skills and my ability to create that really skewed my results. I knew quite a few people who were smarter than me and a whole lot who are more successful than I am that had lower scores than me.

    schools are better off allowing the students to do what they're good at and what makes them happy, rather than label them as stupid or a genius. Those labels only hinder personal growth.
  18. i took one in highschool, 131
    took one on facebook, 129
    took this one, 130
    took another one fromgoogle, 131

    so they are all pretty close

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