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The post your bullshit marijuana facts you find thread.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Vesna, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Just as the title says, post the stupid and completely absurd shit people say.
    I found this when I was reading an article about the Beatles smoking cigarettes.
    Keywords " I thought it was extremely hypocritical that Paul talked about quitting cigarettes in so many interviews, and yet carried on smoking pot. That's so much worse for you."

  2. try marijuana once, and your on meth.
  3. You're killing brain cells.

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    "The term "stoned" originates from the fact that the brain of a marijuana smoker is like a stone."
    "Cigarettes > marijuana > ecstasy > cocaine > heroin > RIP"
    "Using marijuana is dangerous, it can make you homosexual."
    "If you begin using MJ by 13, your brain at 20 will already be that of an Alcheimer's patient."
    "Extensive use of marijuana significantly affects the left part of the brain, which is responsible for the body's right part." (weird translation, I know).
    "Marijuana use makes people apathetic and violent."
    "Marijuana smokers compare themselves to zombies that live for one goal - to smoke weed, their life dominated by "fuck everything" motto."
    And those are just some tweets of some guy in my country that opened up an anti-marijuana account, haha (he wasn't doing satire or humor, he was being serious, imagine that). The guy even put up "material" from MMYVOFFICIAL - a satire about marijuana (ex. "marijuana causes all wars", "marijuana causes cancer", "injecting weed destroys brain cells immediately" etcetera).
  5. One cannabis joint has the same volume of tar as smoking five cigarettes at once! Hear this an awful lot

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  6. 'He died of a thc overdose' ahahaha
  7. its psychologically addictive
    Whoever posted those tweets has to get there head out of their fucking ass.
  9. " if you smoke mj you wilm get reefer madness" reefer madness??????? Wtf I mean this was racial slander towards African Americans who were crazy cuz of pot. isn't it weird how much has changed but weed is still illegal. But I guess we can't point out the problem or else you might get locked away for years and years

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  10. That Marijuana will make you cool. BULLSHIT....It made me FUCKIN AWESOME!!!!
  11. ^ best reply in the thread thus far.
  12. The more you smoke marijuana, the lower your tolerance will get.
    My girl friends health teacher once told her that. She wanted to say something but was just too shocked to speak. There was more, I just thought that was a funny one.
  13. marijuana makes your babies come out naked.
  14. Not my baby
  15. also the funniest

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    This is total bullshit, but it has a hint of truth in it. Smoking MJ before your brain fully develops can have permanent negative effects on memory function. It's also worth noting that you'd have to be a heavy smoker, the tests involved people who had smoked daily for years.
    But 18+ is still golden, toke on brother.
    Uh, that is actually complete bullshit according to recent studies. It might cause a drop in IQ points (according to studies - 5-8 points), while some studies say it causes no harm at all. Nowhere does it mention anything on the topic of memory.
    There is no hint of truth in a tweet that states you can become pretty much an Alcheimer's patient by smoking ganja.
  18. I heard in 1970's, that if you get an old dog (as in K-9) stoned, it will die.

    Never tried to prove or disprove it.  Our old dog died a couple months ago, but not because I ever got him high.

    Maybe I should have...what's the worst that could have happened?
    It's amazing how many people on this site refuse to believe MJ can have a negative side effect on anyone anywhere.
    Northwestern Medicine conducted a brain scan study to determine the effects of MJ on the brains of minors, teenagers who had smoked MJ regularly showed diminished size and even collapse of brain structures related to short term memory function. For the adults here it's no surprise that MJ has an effect on short term memory we've all experienced it.
    However for the developing brains of teenagers and children their short term memory can be forever damaged by it. Because their minds are still developing it's likely that MJ sort of curves that part of brain development in a negative way because of how it interacts with our memory.
    Think of it like those Chinese women who permanently change the shape of their feet by wearing tiny shoes.
    Some animals may freak out from it because they have never been high before, which isnt good.
    but some animals love it.. there a couple vets who treat some of their older animals with marijuana

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