The Police do not hate you

Discussion in 'General' started by Stinkweed, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. I'm sure I'm going to garner a lot of hate here, but I've always wondered what the general (intelligent, mature) consensus is here. I smoke herb. I grow herb, but at the same time, I have a complete sense of respect for law enforcement.

    As far as I'm concerned, I have the utmost respect for LEOs and their day to day routine, I am mature and intelligent enough to realize that these people that uphold the law have no say in what their viewpoint is when it comes to controlled substances, in which Cannabis is a schedule 1, unfortunately. The most that an officer of the law can do(or should I say could do, assuming they don't have dash cams) is have someone dump out their weed, and not be charged. Back in the day, before I learned to be low key, I met a handful of officers that even though I was completely at their mercy, only told me to dispose of my herb, and even wash a pipe out (I was caught in a boat on PARK SERVICE property. They never charged me with anything, just told me to go about my business and don't make them come back.) I just want to hear your input on what you think of the law.

    The way I look at what I do is that I accept fully that what I do in my state is illegal, and I fully accept the responsibility of that. I don't get mad if I get busted, I see it as a consequence I accept doing what I do.

    You feel me?
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  2. I have met plenty of nice cops and plenty of dick head cops. Just have to be respectful. Usually the dick cops are the new young ones that think they have something to prove. No offense but female cops are the worst. Not sure if it is a power thing or not.

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  3. I agree with you there, most greenies fresh out of the academy are assholes. Guys that are trying to assert themselves as a figure of authority. I can't lie, most female officers seem to be the same way, I think it's a matter of proving that they are just as tough as males. It seems like an inferiority complex. Not to sound sexist.
  4. You're always going to meet the "DOPE IS EVIL" type of police, but that's like any other walk of life. Cops are people, some were raised with the D.A.R.E. mindset, and some were raised like open minded Americans
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  5. Yes female cops are the worst, I am not sure if it is a power trip or if they are being the normal female, hate of other females who they feel in some way are a threat or if they just have the superior feeling that they are better than someone who is not a female officer. I can't stand them personally. They are sneaky, do things that are not by the book... well I will stop here, obviously I have encountered the same one three times! Long story but we had some apartments and needed help with a few bad tenants, and she always showed up. If I keep typing I am going to say something I should not, but uuuuggggh. Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and guess what I am a female. And feel this way.
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  6. I've always cringed when I've seen the "Fuck the police!" hatred

    So dumb, so so dumb
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  7. There are plenty of nice/reasonable ones.
    but I think the nature of the role, or at least how it may be perceived, ie your in a position of authority over those public you interact with and they have to listen to you (completely opposite to the interaction with the public in any other job where they would be the client/customer) or you can impose consequences- is one that apeals to a certain sub set of dickheads, who enjoy the power.(I did have a better way of wording that but now all i can think of is the 'you will respect my authorataaay' line from southpark)
    I think theres many people in the teaching profession for pretty much the same reason that shouldnt be there.
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  8. Hey. much respect for not calling me a mysoginist. It's great to see strong, intelligent women who aren't afraid to call it how they see it. :thankyou:
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  9. nope I hate cops and I always will.
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  10. To all The People who Hate Cops Remember..................
    Next time you or a loved one is seriously ill or dying because they are involved in a serious auto accident and bleeding out..................or worse...........
    I have seen quite a Few Fine Officers Save Many people even drug addicts over dosing on the bad stuff...
    Just saying, The good out weigh the bad RIGHT?
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  11. Thank you for that! But it is true, I still remember her name 5 years later! Uuugggggggg I have to stop. I can't speak of her, she gets under my skin and her sidekick as well. Thanks for reading how it was meant, Stinkweed!
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  12. I think this sketch is fairly common knowledge over here, not sure if it ever got outside the UK attention...
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  13. maybe the police dont hate you but ive been accused of stealing cars about 5 seconds after i walked out my house by CID, the police must hate me ....
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  14. And don't forget
    They are the ones who have to cut our kids down after they hang themselves in the basement
    or clean up the blood and brains when they take a 12 gauge shotgun to their own heads.
    Ya you would hate them than too.......................
    Wait until you need them Than they will be your best friend I bet
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  15. the police here search for 5 mins after someones been stabbed or killed and if they dont find them after their half arsed search they leave it, i like some of them that go after the real criminals like pedos and do their job right but most that ive saw are fat lazy bastards and deserve all the hate they get.
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  16. Please explain. I'm all ears.
  17. No I am not explaining anything I have my reasons and they are none of your business.
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  18. Saying the Police are "fat, lazy bastards" Is like saying all black people are criminals, Asians can't drive, and white people are racists. There's no generalizing here unless you have a valid experience to provide. Just saying.
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  19. Then your post holds no value
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  20. I think its the younger people who think they hate the cops because the media portrays them as bullies and bad guys
    Grow up a bit and then judge for yourself when you are older

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