The Point of Ash catchers?

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  1. I must be missing something, because quite a few people on here have them with their setups, but I just put a metal screen over the hole and everything is fine. Can someone explain to me why I should use an ash catcher instead of a screen? Or even if I should at all?
  2. An ash catcher is something different. It's basically a mini bong, before your bong. It catches all the ash, that way your expensive bong stays clean as long as possible.

  3. To catch ash?
  4. As well as "catching ash", keep in mind that if the ash catcher is taking all (or most) of the ash, the bong will stay much cleaner and as long as you keep that ash catcher clean, you'll be looking at much smoother tokes.

    That said, ash catchers provide extra filtration. More water + (sometimes) more perks = smoother hits.
  5. Yes, not to mention they look fucking sick.
  6. its ash catching with class
  7. 1. They keep your b-water from gettin all gross and stanky
    2. They help to add extra total water surface area for a cooler smoke
    3. They add another level of diffusion
    4. They compliment a matching tube VERY nicely

    oh... and they catch ashes

  8. Well, aside from the obvious ash-catching and the diffusion - you learn something new everyday! (I don't use bongs...)
  9. i would like to get one
  10. only downside to ash catches on bigger bongs is a little extra drag...but its totally worth it in my opinion...they really do help keep it much cleaner!...youll see those things go from clear to pretty nasty in a week and in just one look at how dirty that is vs how clean your bong is youll be happy you got one for sure!!
  11. just get a disc screen bowl if you dont want a a/c to add any additional drag
  12. yeah right man ....the drag is sooo worth it for me haha....better smoke + less dirty bong are well worth a lil drag after a few weeks you get used to it and its pretty much not noticable
  13. You've all enlightened me. I just might pick one up when I get the extra money. Thanks :)
  14. [​IMG]

    Is this a trick question?

  15. hahahaha.....fuck idk why that was so funny too me xD
  16. make sure you get a proper ash catcher make sure its not a cheap chugger

  17. what kind of things should i look for?
  18. qaulity!!!!! check out 'aqaulabs' :smoke:
  19. ya as/s catchers are just a extra perk you dont need at all.

    if you have a expensive piece its nice to have a as catcher too

    but for real fuck that shit ill let my lungs do any 'extra' diffusing of the marijuana smoke.

  20. wait, why should i get an ash catcher as opposed to just putting a metal screen in the bowl? (provided that it gets changed and cleaned regularly

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