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  1. ive been meaning to get to this for quite a while, let me start by stating its not about drugs unless you count that they were surely stoned. its about hunting. deer hunting to be exact, talk about procrastinatng. with my story eh?
    our friend ive decided to call him the poacher\' well, cause i can. :) its the internet and he dont know hehe. and jay, well cause i can also. they were having lunch and hooking up with some more hunters to shoot down those mighty mean maurauding deer. driving the backroads slowly, told ya they was probably smoking, the poacher yells omg! right there! a buck offf the side of the road by the woods, shoot it jay. well jay, not used to poaching of any sort slams the brake throws his truck into park grabs his shotgun/and some bullets, (you know its against the law to have them loaded in yer truck) jumps out AND STARTS CHASING THE DEER INTO THE WOODS while trying to load his gun...took his dumb self 200 yards to realize he had not a bit of orange on he\'d dropped all his bullets and he was creating quite a commotion.also he is now in full camo and well looking probably as much like prey as i was fishbait...maybe even moreso.jay, shamelessly walked back to his truck to see the poachers is shaking his head, and saying are you retarded?? you were supposto take my gun which is always loaded for just this kind of occasion and shoot it out the truck window. eh? huh? well hhm wonder how the poacher filled HIS den?
    whenever i feel like ive done somthing really stupid i think about this and well laugh at him instead. :D
  2. HIGH All, HIGHa what a good way to make yourself feel mmmm better *LOL*.

    That sure has happened to alot of people I know to critters and such as your friend...will never be doing that again.
  3. I\'m shocked! Shocked I say!

    That anyone would mention anything, ANYTHING! illegal on this board!!! Man! I\'m so paranoid right now! I\'ve got to hide! I\'ve got to hide!

    Retired from road hunting long ago. Actually, we were in the woods deer hunting until sunset. The legal shooting time was about 5 minutes past as we got to the truck. We were just starting to head down the road when my \"poacher\" saw a rabbit and decided to make it dinner. He was good with a pistol that he carried whenever he was in the woods, so with me hitting off my pipe, he rolls down his window, and sends Mr. rabbit to bunny heaven. Not to mention scaring the holy bejesus outta me! He jumped out and got it and threw it in the back of the truck. He was reloading the pipe that I\'d just spilled everywhere when he shot, when out of nowhere came all these state trucks! BUSTED! He managed to get the pipe to me and I got it stashed before they had us outta the truck!

    After much deliberation, it cost $750 and his gun to get out of that one! Pretty pricey rabbit dinner IMHO!
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