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  1. Do you support the Pledge of Allegiance?

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
    and to the republic for which it stands,
    one nation under God, indivisible,
    with liberty and justice for all.

    Why would you pledge allegiance to the flag? Why wouldn't you pledge allegiance to the United States Constitution? What does the flag stand for? Nationalism? Fascism?

    "Under God" That's quite a queer statement... Whose God? What does this God want? Who speaks for this God? Is this God and his wishes above the Constition?

    Also "indivisible" what if the people no longer want to be bound together what about popular sovereignty? What about the Declaration of Independence and the right to overthrow an unjust and tyrannical government?

    "with liberty and justice for all" well surely you don't mean this country? Liberty and justice might as well be meaningless in the modern United States. Liberty for democrats seems to be "the right to be told what to do." And for republicans the right to lead an Evangelical Christian life.
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    To a degree it's important to share a bond with your fellow men.. Nationalism is healthy, but ignorance and the use of Nationalism can really turn a world upside down.

    It's unfortunate people fail to feel a bond for men that aren't on the same clump of dirt.. All men are motivated by the same BS..
  3. My only earthly allegiance is to the United States Constitution. I am the enemy of any who violate it.
  4. I used to not participate and get in trouble for it and think it was absolutely insane. I tested all of my teachers. Finally in high school I was allowed to not participate.
  5. Once I started thinking, I hated that the pledge of allegiance violates the separation of church and state and that they made me feel like i had to do it every weekday for my 6-18 years of life.

    I pledge allegiance to myself.
  6. I hated that too, but I hated the fact that they were forcing me to follow a mundane rule that wouldn't affect anyone around me.
  7. No, it's fucking creepy...and a form of indoctrination.

    [ame=]The Whitest Kids U' Know - Pledge of Allegiance - YouTube[/ame]

    No WAY in hell I'd ever send my children to government indoctrination camps, I mean public school.

  8. If I am loyal, a pledge is unnecessary. If I am not loyal, a pledge does nothing to change that.
  9. yea in 8th grade i just stopped saying it at all. I realized i didn't really want to, and didn't really have to. My teacher flipped the first day but after that just kinda let it go.

    Hell I'd burn an american flag to protest something. It's not the flag or the pledge that's important. It's the people who stand behind it.

    AND i think it is wrong to make 7 year olds pledge allegiance to anything, especially "under God". Under which god? The "pro rape and pillage and destroy unbelievers" god. Very convenient, seeing our foreign policy is almost the same thing.

    My child will not, when i have kids, say the pledge of allegiance. It's entirely inappropriate.

    Or they'll say like "I pledge allegiance, to freedom, despite the United States of A, and to our republic, for which it stood. One nation, with liberty and justice for some unless your not white not straight or not christian."
  10. I remember in the 5th grade, I stopped saying "under God". Mostly, because I'm not religious in any sense. It's funny, I don't really remember reciting The Pledge in middle or high school ever.
  11. i think i only said the pledge up until like 3rd grade, then just gave up. they were always empty words anyway
  12. No, because I don't believe in borders. They accomplish nothing but keeping the people of the world separated.

    I stopped standing up for that in middle school. It's just a robotic trance-like ritual, fuckin weird
  13. I refuse to pledge "allegiance" to the flag, this country, or the evil motherfuckers who run it. In school I always got yelled at for not doing the pledge of allegiance during morning announcements. To me it just sounds like something you would have to recite to get into a cult or something. I pledge allegiance, to the flag, one nation under GOD (seperation of church and state anyone?), and to the republic, for which it stands, indivisible, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL:laughing: its just such a crock of shit.

  14. But well said, i really don't like borders either. what good are they?
  15. ^ Yea fuck the pledge of allegiance, and fuck our governments for sending adolescents to brainwashing facilities to be turned into mindless drones:mad:
  16. I think cutting the DOE and getting rid of federal schooling and implementing rules and laws for schools to abide by would be a good idea, giving the opportunity for local communities to shape their school and provide staffing that they feel adequate to send their children to on a daily basis
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    the pledge reminds me of fruit-juice... fucking Romper Room brainwashing..... My grandmother always used to give me some juice while my shows were on...


  18. What? You don't think it's a good idea to be surrounded by our wise overlords in DC?

    I'm sure everyone remembers at least one class with these jokers around the top of the room:


    This whole interview is GREAT but at least tune in 15:09 - 17:29.

    [ame=]Thomas E. Woods Jr. Author and Historian-The Autograph-09-14-2011 - YouTube[/ame]
  19. i will pledge allegiance to nothing that won't pledge the same to me. the flag is incapable and the nation is unwilling.

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