The Plant That Goes By Many Names

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    There is an endless list of synonyms for that wonderful plant scientifically called cannabis that we all know and love... so I have a two part question for you:

    What term do you like to use in casual reference and what term is your favorite alternate synonym, aesthetically speaking? My favorite casually is probably pot, and my favorite synonym has got to be sticky icky.
  2. I'd go Bud casually
    and Tree as the alternative.
  3. Usually I just say 'weed'.

    As an alternative I'll say 'pot'
  4. Green.
  5. Weed,bud,marijuana.
  6. I likes t'call mah' kinnabis by many dojiggers, Weed, Skunk, Chrome, Bud, Pot, Trees, and much much mo'e! Right on!
  7. Bud, casually. Triple G for alternate. God's Greatest Gift. :smoke:
  8. Beef. I like beef.

  9. Beef

    it's whats for dinner.
  10. Nice...

    I like beef.

    I had thin 5 slices of beef yesterday. Very tasty.

    I felt like it gave me the energy I needed.
  11. Weed and treaty...but you gotta say it in a accident
  12. The Devil's lettuce...
  13. Devils lettuce!LOL so now he's a health nut.
  14. I think I've changed my mind. Now I like to say cannabis, even casually. I just like calling it cannabis. Anyone else?
  15. I can't stand when people call it pot. It's only because my mom calls it that, though. So my mind tells me to find that term awkward and dorky. Dammit mom...

    I call it bud, herb, or trees.
  16. Normally I say weed but I like to call it happy grass.
  17. I say Yo man you good on buds? OR i say Yo man you good on dank? OR i say wanna smoke some pot?

  18. That makes you sound sophisticated.
  19. The first time I smoked, I called it weed because that was the term my mind agreed with using casually the most. Before this event, I had heard other names used for it, namely pot and marijuana (in the context of drug awareness classes at school). I could tell that this drug consisted of plant matter, so I figured calling it weed would make the most sense, seeing as I associated weeds with gardening (at the time), and therefore plants. However, when I got home that day and did some brief research, I came to find that cannabis was the botanical name for the plant, and have been using that name ever since. There are few exceptions though, if I don't know the foreign name for it whilst in a foreign land, I'll try asking for cannabis first, and if they give me a clueless look, the second time around I will try using marijuana. And if those options fail, maybe I would try asking for hashish, depending on which country I was in.

    As for an alternate, I would opt for herb/ganja :D I usually use the former mainly if I want to be discrete about bringing it up and the latter if I'm excited about smoking.

    Oh and a quick google search brings up this result as the ancient Hebrew term for cannabis: ma'alehasan. It means smoke bringer :smoke:

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