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the plans (stealth grow)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by lman_15, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. ok heres what i want 2 do... i want 2 grow in some old speakers no bigger than 14inch high... 6-6.5inch wide and
    7-7.5long... could i empty it out and put in 2-3 cfls and then put a fan were the cover 4 the speakers is... u know that grey or black cover on the inside of there... do u think that would work??? (stealth grow)
  2. srry i had the dimentions wrong its around 15-16inch high and 7 wide and around 7-8long would it work???
  3. Ive been seein "cfl" posted everywhere on the forum, and im new to this growin stuff so i just wanna konw what kinda light that is, and how expensive, where u can get it etc. and do u need a ballast?
  4. A Cfl is a Compact Flourescent Light, Its a flourescent light that can be put straight into a light socket without the need for anything else.Its ballast is really small and inside the plastic casing.Theyre also sold as energy efficient light bulbs.
  5. Hi Iman!
    16" high is kinda too small, youll need something like 12" wide and deep and about 30" high or similar.....!
    Sorry to crap on your parade and all lol
    Good luck!

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