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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MushuHappiness, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Yep, thats right... I might at as well as start planning now and making notes...

    So i've decided I'd like to grow my own after I return home to Cali next week so i'm not running around trying to find a dealer all the time.

    Problem - Parents. Yea sure, I may be 21 but I'm in college, broke, and for now taking a break from school by living at home and working on my Firefighting career, cheapest way to do thats by living with the rents... God this part sucks.

    A friend suggested to me... Grow under my bed.

    I plan on only growing one plant for now to experiment, and because I don't have the room/security for growing more than that.

    When I get home I plan on talking and planning a little more for this grow with my friend to figure out this set up.. But for starters, I have a pretty big futon(queen size) with drawers underneath, and I could even leave it in the couch position and grow behind there.

    I've been doing alot of reading on here the past month and have come to the conclusion that the best way for me to grow under the bed is LSTing the plant, and possibly wrapping some sort of stiff, yet flexible enough for me to bend.. Maybe chicken or tomato plant wires, and wrap around the stem *before* say its third set of leaves.. to allow the plant to grow "around" like a vine, rather than upwards through my bed, or if behind, above where even a casual eye could catch it....

    Wouldnt require alot of light, so I can buy 2-3 very low watt CFLs and put them "inside" the plant for maximum exposure w/o burning the plant either.

    As for air movement, I have my computer desk right next to my bed, and thankfully that I'm also a computer nerd at heart, I've got a big PSU that I can just string 120mm fans underneath my bed, i have a couple that even move about 90cfms :)

    As for grow suggestions... I have no clue where to start in terms of what I would keep the plant in, what type of soil, what sort of ferts, or anything like that goes...

    Remember.. This is in a bedroom and is going to be as stealthy as i can make it. Thank god parents start checking in your room as you get older lol

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I wont be just reading what you guys say.. I'll be writing this down, printing pictures(if any are posted) and making a little mini binder-guide for this first time grow :)

    And hopefully within the next two or three weeks, ill be starting the Mushu's Underbed Grow :p

    Thanks in Advance everyone! :wave:

    Edit: As a thought looking around just now... I could potentially build a small grow box behind the funton(it never moves.. damn things made of solid wood, guess thats what the rents get for wanting it to last along time.. Too heavy to move around alot lol) and grow inside the growbox, and move it to the closet for a day or two if I ever decide to re-arrange the room or something, that way it is also somewhat portable and not stuck in one specific spot... Just a thought
  2. hmm, sounds like it could work. only problem i could see happening is you not having enough room.... if you put a major lightsource away from your plant, you could have it grow sideways, kinda. im no expert, but i could definitely see the height turning into a problem
  3. Yea, the bed is about 4ft tall on the back when i have it in the couch position, so If let run freely that way.. It could potentially be an issue.

    I think if i were to build lets say... umm.. about a 3.5ft high, by 4-5ft long grow box, or at least an enclosure so its not a fully encased box.. Just to keep the plant within a hight limit and let it grow "around" a wire like a vine.. I think I should be ok.. But then again.. I have no clue how these plants react to growing sideways persay... As long as the light source isnt above the plant, rather.. around, and in it(if using low heat producing lights) I might be ok...

    One question.. I usually have windows open and fans going in the room so theres always a reasonable amount of fresh air... But any clue what one plant will do to the room in flowering smell wise?
  4. Bump...

    With the problem with the smell.. I talked to a good friend/grower of mine and while talking about my plan over a couple bowles, and he told me that even one plant, during flower will make my room absolutely reek, theres no way around it, would there be anyway to control the smell during flowering so the parents wouldnt notice? or would i be better off trying to grow it outside somewhere...
  5. A cool way I've seen people stealth grow is by hollowing out speakers and growing the plant inside of them.

    with enough care and percision, it wouldn't look sketchy at all (although it might cost a little much for your tastes.)
  6. Hmm.. THat wouldnt be a bad Idea.. maybe ill just build the box..or boxes for added effect, two big speakers... And just say im waiting to find a good pair or something... And when I finally figure out a way to do it.. Maybe ill do a little "project post" for everyone... Time to start researching "grow speakers" an what not...

    Edit.. And the cost.. Even if it is a little high.. in the long run the boxes will pay for themselves on how much $$ i saved from growing my own instead of buying all the time :)
  7. Also.. Any tips on how to control the smell, even just one plant I hear can smell up my room pretty bad which is right next to my parents room... Probably going to build a box.. so im guessing some sort of air filter.. Any tips on some good ones and links?
  8. jus go to ur local hardware store and check out what they got. i bought mine from canadian tire but i dont kno if ur in canada or not, or even what kinda crazy stores u guys got down there to buy from. anyway, they range from about $15.00 to $300. mine was on sale when i got it so it was only $44.00

    peace, Ben-T
  9. Thanks Ben.. I'm assuming your talking about carbon filters... I live in Cali, so im sure I can find a local store that has them :)

    anyway.. after a little looking around.. I found this:

    Cool little concept, i'm not looking for huge 5-6ft plants here, im just looking for a small grow repeated a couple times to get me a decent amount of yeild for my own personnel use.

    Now whats cool about these... Is that making your own will probably be pretty cheap. Put a small 120mm exhaust fan at the top of it, and put a carbon filter on top of that.. so it forces air through the filter as much as possible... I think I've found my current idea, small, compact, easy to hide behind my futon, or in my closet, and hopefully with that carbon filter.. I can keep the smell down so the parents dont notice it :)

    Now I just need some ideas on what sort of soil, nutrients, and that kind of thing... Time to go check out the stickies and find soil/nutrient tips :)

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