the pipe you can hit again and again...??

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  1. so i was hangin with a few of my friends and one of them was talking to me about a glass tube or something that has a special filter where you load up some hash to toke on. the cool thing about it is that the hash melts into a special filter or something and you can basically hit it again and again and again. sure THC will probably decrease the more you hit but if it's true that much of it is retained then two bowls of hash could keep you high for like a week no?

    i have been searching around and couldn't find anything like what my friend was talking about. on GC i've read some posts about oil burners but i don't think this is what he was talking about. i'm not even sure if it's a stand alone unit or if it slides into bong or whatever... from what i understand it goes for about 40 bucks.

    i'm interested in getting one since i can probably get some hash. speaking of which how much at what price is normal for hash?

    thanks for any comments.
  2. standard hash prices in most states vary from $10-$25 a gram
  3. thanks. and btw that is an also gif u have. hAh Aha i was admiring it for 5 minutes before clicking on reply lol.
  4. I don't think anyone knows what your talking about
  5. He wants a hash pipe and avg price for hash. Well my area is taxed to hell, so i kinda tax my hash back. 20a gram or so.
  6. hash is a pretty rare find around where I live, so it usually gets bumped up to ridiculous prices like 20-50 a g
  7. never bought it around me. i havent found anyone who's had it.

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