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the pieces i have collected over the past 6 months minus a few broken and sold

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by f1r3m4n, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. so ya here is my collection. all of my bubblers have broken out of the 4 one of them was able to be glued but its hidden away and im too stoned to go find it (got it custom at hempfest). i also used to have a 3 foot vase style bong that i sold to a friend a while back as well as a 2 feet tall zong style bong that broke on the second day :( i try not to think of it

    but other than that these are my pieces. starting out witht he 4 footer i like to call ghandi. and the last picture is of the bowl piece for it. it is a double perc (the second is inside the other bubble).

    the next bong is the faded brand bong i have. it stands a proud 18 inches high however it hits like a roor and cools the smoke like you would not imagine. and yes i have actually compared the two. i recently replaced the female piece which is why it looks a bit out of place

    the smallest of my bongs is this one i got at hempfest last year hand blown by this hippie. intricute design on the entire shaft as well as a diffuser and an ice notch. it had a really cool designed bowl piece but i went out and got a party bowl for it instead.

    the straight spoon in one i got recently at this years folklife from some guy sittin in the grass. custom blown and has some hella trippy designs that my camera phone couldnt capture.

    the last spoon is a rather special one considering it has been with me for quite sometime and hits so well. the glass is curved to avoid any ash pulling through to your mouth.

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  2. Sick collection man. I haven't seen a faded bong in a while, I really like how they look...
  3. nice bro, that snake lookin pipe is the shit
  4. ill be updating this in about a day with 6 new bongs all bought from this new smoke shop on the ave called still smokin. hella sick collection over there
  5. Thats a pretty sweet collection man! I really like the faded bong.
  6. 7th picture, Chill piece man.
  7. like the first pic, thats a respectable sized bong
  8. I like the third bong. Dont you love liven up here and reppen the best glass in the country? Hempfest last year was tight, this year is comming up soon...the 18th? something along that.
  9. i think its actually 19-20 or 17-18 but honestly i cant remember
  10. dude +rep for those bongs. i love all those bongs... i wish i could go to hemp fest...:smoke:

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