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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by bongman, May 3, 2003.

  1. here it is, havent used it yet. wont be like that for long!! its pretty small but should do the job

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  2. its a nice newbie piece, r u a newbie smoker? u should get something that is better then that. get a glass spoon or something non metal. they arent that expensive! so how much did ya pay? anything more then 5 bucks was a rip off!
    but u r right, it will do the job!
  3. i bought one of those and only used it once ,sadly i lost my bong when i saved it from falling then as i was walkin out of the bathroom i hit it on the side of the door smashed all the glass everywere,it my my first piece and will always remember it :(,but check out wat i got yesterday for 70 bucks oz that is,it has 3 places were ya can put water and has a double cooling chamber just below the alien sticker that says:have a spaced out day: and the aliens got a joint in his mouth

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  4. metel, ewww, if ur gunna get a pipe or peace get a wooden pipe or glass bowll...
  5. I totally agree with smokebigbuds, dont settle for a metal, grab a nice glass piece, big o fat bowl an everything

  6. lol dayday that bong reminds me of the bottom of my bathroom sink hahahaha

  7. how come? whats wrong with metal?
    we used the pipe last night and it did the job!!! got us bloodt stoned nicely!!!!!!!!
    was fucken harsh though the smoke.
  8. yea thats why u need to get glass, its not that hars, and all u tast is pot....
  9. The only metal pipe I smoke out of is a 3 chambered crack/weed pipe (I use for weed, duh) with a plastic handle... all other metal pipes are crap because they:

    a.) Heat up too fast, I like non-stop smoking in my sessions, not waiting for a damn pipe to cool down.

    b.) Make the weed taste diffrent (in a bad way), which leads me to...

    c.) Hard to clean out, resin sticks onto the hard to reach places like pimples stick onto a 13-year-old.


  10. yeh mine doesnt seem too bad with the heat factor but it did get quite warm, not so hot that i couldnt hold it but it did heat up. i guess when i get more experienced i can get something better, next time hopefully just use a bong maybe!!!
    it will do the job for now though even if its not that great.

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