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Discussion in 'General' started by geetardude, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Hey,

    anyone here checkin' this shit out? I suck ASS when it comes to pickin' up the ladies. lack of confidence, and all. So, maybe this series just might teach me a thing or two. But then again, its VH1, heh. Oh well, Jim Beam and Budweiser while watchin' this thing tonight.
  2. Never heard of it, I'm not too in touch with most of the crap on telivision. I managed to find predator on Spike TV, just blazed a bowl and getting comfy.
  3. That show is absurd. In real life the guy who is the coach/host on the show would not get a decent looking reasonalby intelligent woman anywhere near his wiener. He wears a friggin fluffy top-hat as if it were a legitimate fashion accessory. I watched the commercial with my girl and sister and they both burst into laughter at this guy. It wont surprise me if the 40 year old virgins and such on the show will benefit though. If you add the weirdo coach together with a 40 year old virgin you might end up with 1 normal person. Flamboyant guy + shy guy = average guy... right?
  4. im actually on the show, ill be on the episode airing the first week of september

    watch for me!!

    im dale smith, 43 years old, 5'1" 560lbs and i havnt been able to see my dick since 1979.
  5. Are you serious?
  6. and to top it off....

    his name is MYSTERY.

  7. ya man, i cant wait for some class-a poo nanny
  8. me too :hello:

    im mike hunt, 36 year old and i havent been laid since my high school prom and that im pretty sure that was just a pity fuck
  9. at least you got laid dude, the only girl who i almost got whipped out my tiny ass dick and poked herself in the eye, she has an eye patch years later
  10. wow, the guys were like crying after getting rejected.. this is good tv.
  11. I've seen the commercials. I don't know how a guy who wears eyeliner is going to be the coach.
  12. Yea that guy is a chump to the highest degree.

    I'm no casanova, but all you need to do it give girls attention and eventually you'll find one that you like and likes you.

    Shows like this are just exploitations and in no way relate to a normal person's reality.

    I hope that Mystery guy gets raped by a rhino.

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