The Philadelphia Experament.

Discussion in 'General' started by Chronic420, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Well when i was told of the Philadelphia Exp it totally freaked me out on what could be possible within time and space.
    Most of you probly have know idea what im talking about so time for a history leason. *trust me if you have never heard of it then read*

    The Philadelphia Experament happend in 1943 when the United States Naval Fleet had been devastated by the German U-boats.
    There Solution was to Create a ***ForceFeild*** Around there Ships so that they would not be Picked up on Radar.

    Now remember kiddies this is like in star wars or some shit like that with forcefeilds They Actually Tried it! most of what im telling you Actually happend.

    Well they where going to test it out on 1 ship in the Harbor everything was set up the crew onboard the ship really dident know what was going on.
    Then when they finally started it up From what i Know* the Ship had a Bright Light projecting out from it as far as i know it Did disapear from radar and im not 100% sure but the ship May have disapeard from Sight* during this time the crew experienced a Unexplanable hell. when it was all over and the rescue boats where going to the ship Many of the crew were allready Dead mostly Fried but thats not the worst part.
    Reports came in about sailors that Sunk Into The Deck Of The Ship! yep people where fried and stuck in the deck of the ship. im trying to think on how to explain it a little better... hmm.. like in X-men that girl who can run threw walls n shit well if she stayed in the wall half way in half way out and cooked to a crisp thats what the sailors would look like. Allmost everyone on the ship died.
    When they were conducting this experiament they were using Magnetic forces. Everything on the planet has Magnetic forces and when you start playing god with them thats what happens.

    thats pretty much all i gotta say but damn Dont that Fuck with your mind??

    oh yea if you still dont know That Actually Happend!!!
  2. got any links to a possible trustable site?

    else bs
  3. Ya, I saw something about that on the Discovery Channel one night. It totally freaked me out seeing the sailors fused to the ship and shit.
  4. yea ive seen a few things on tv and in books/mag about the Philadelphia Experament, some weird shit
  5. Well Sprinkler I Dont know of any sites that are about the Phil exp but as you can tell im Not bs'ing you. Like i said before my Father told me of it then i watched the movie made about it.
  6. i saaw that on the history channel it was kinda scary the ship had this green light and afterwards the sailors that dint die would disaper and reaper into thin air yikes
  7. Well heres what i know theres a movie out about it dealing with the experament and some science fiction *mostly science fiction* the movies called

    The Philadelphia Experiment "the Experiment that should
    Never have Happend
    41 years ago
    is still going on...

    staring ... jeez this is a low budget movie there names arnt even on the cover. so fugg the stars heres what it says on the back of the video.

    "David And Jim are U.S Navy Crew Members on a ship that has been modified by naval experts as part of a project known as "The Philidelphia Experiment." The Ship Disappears from the radar screen and the crew experiences a Hellish transition. Some 40 years into the future.
    The Mastermind behind the project is still experiments all
    these years later and when he finds out that David has survived. He sees him as the salvation of project that's crossed time and dimension to create a deadly vortex.Now
    as David begins to peicee together what has happend to him,
    he's angry and he's on the run.

    now as you can see the "hes angry and on the run in the future is all bullshit Fantasy.

    and at the begining of this movie it says in bold black letters.

    Based on Actual Events
  8. i just got through with that chapter in the book im reading, Nothing In This Book Is True, But Its Exactly How Things Are. another experiment like that took place in 1983. it was estimated another would happen in 2003 on august 12th (i think), i was gonna google it.

    they tried to make the ship invisible by bringing it into the 4th dimension. they failed miserably and the ship disappeared for a few hours. when it reappeared, some of the crew were melted into the boat, some died, some were on fire. while in the 4th dimension 2 crew members jumped into the water and ended up on long island in 1983. the 2 similar experiments were linked.
  9. i read that info on the link and it said that there peple saying that it teleported. that could explaine why some of the crew was in the deck of the ship.
  10. Really just sounds like someone wanted some attention to me, but I love reading about things like these anyway, so it'll give me something to do
  11. i thought you were experimenting with Phillie blunts :p
  12. Brian that sounds exactly what the movies about it has all that it shows the ship floating in the 4th deminsion with the town that they did the same experiment to in 1983 and yea the 2 sailors jump off the boat and are sent into the future and the first thing they do is try to jump a electrical fence rofl.
    but they wernt Intentially trying to make it Disapear intirely but guys they Would not make a fuggin movie then say based on actual events if it wasent :p and the Discovery Channel wouldent make a Documentary about it if it dident Actually Accur... use your noggins ya stoners. :p
  13. Well i read some of it and from what i read it said some of the philidelphia exp was a combination of Fact Fiction and insanity wich i allready knew but
    you Cow Of Steel just said "Total Bullshit" so did you read the hole thing and if you did whats the awnser? did what i started this thread about Actually happen or not?
  14. A few years ago, a crackpot friend of mine dragged me to a lecture by a guy named Al Bielek. Here's his website:

    He claimed to be a "survivor" of the Philly Experiment, and also said he worked with Tesla.

    I thought his story sounded pretty solid ... until he started raving about how the Philadelphia Experiment was really a tool with which to contact an alien race in the future. And he ranted about how he'd met himself sometime in the future. So I'm pretty sure he's a kook, but at least he's an interesting kook.
  15. Man, thats some pretty crazy shit. Its really hard to imagine that technology like that exists out there(or does it?) I read that Al Bielek guy's site, and I dunno, Im pretty skeptical. I dont think we have the technology for time travel and mind control and shit like that. But who knows, theres a lot of secret things going around these days, its possible.

  16. You can't believe everything everyone tells you, it's good to have your own theory. Just because the Discover Channel did a documentary on it doesnt mean it's true, they don't know everything.
  17. Well...they had pretty strange experiments (just think about atomic bombs, when they sent soldiers with no protection against radiation whatsoever, to check what happens...) without quite knowing what they were doing. So I wouldn't say it's totally untrue. Still the story sounds a bit over the top...probably the experiment part is true, but the rest a bit extreme

  18. It's John Titor ;)

    Sounds like BS to me. But don't take that as me saying it never happened.

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