The Peter Tosh Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by MrWillyWanker, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. All you hear about is Bob Marley but nobody ever gives Peter Tosh any credit. In my opinion, Tosh is up there with Bob Marley in terms of influence and legendary status. "legalize It" is one of my fav albums of all time.

    Oh yeah, and if you havent heard anything from this man go check some of his stuff out.

    "Legalize it, dont criticize it" - Peter Tosh
  2. yah dude, people underestimate tosh. he may not be quite as good as marley, but goddamn not many people are. ya know what im sayin'? he comes very close and is very good

  3. ill give appreciation to Tosh :)
    gotta love him doin steppin razor..
    though Tosh was a milestone in reggae music, from the wailers, then moving onto solo projects and being extremely successful throughout his own music career and his strides in the equal rights and justice movement, I dont think he was seen and respected in the same light as say, Marley..he was more bitter and not so much for the "peace" as Marley was..I think thats why you dont hear as much of him, but indeed, he is an amazing artist
  4. Iagree that Tosh was not notice equally but I'll light one for him

    420420420420420420 420420420 Easy mon

    KEEP IT IRIE!!!!!
    Respect to all Rizzla mon chalis mon
    Irie mon
  5. we should all light one for him, today at 420. in appreciation of peter tosh

  6. Don't get me wrong, I love Bob Marley and consider him to be a prophet, but Peter Tosh was reggae's Malcom X as Marley was its Martin Luther King...he had an anger that couldn't be quenched or quieted...he always spoke and sang to the core of what he felt was the truth and his words still ring true today.
  7. i have peter tosh's super hits, GREAT cd...i think hes just as good as bob
  8. Peter fucking rules thats all that needs to be said, and yeah pothead he is just as good as Bob for sure
  9. Yeah, I first heard him on Pineapple Express. He's got some great songs. I wish he was better known.

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