The person you get your buds from... Friend, or foe?

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    Just out of curiosity, hows your relationships with your dealers?

    Lets hear it. :smoke:
  2. Fuck, I can never keep a steady dealer. Kids around here will deal for like 3-4 months maybe, then thats it.

    I've had it all. Dealers that were my really good friends, dealers I talked to and chilled with when I grabbed off them, dealers I never ever talk to, AND dealers that I can't stand, but they are the last resort.

    It's sooooo much more convenient when your friends are dealers though.
  3. I usually switch between the same four people from time to time I'll meet someone new, but its never someone I see on a regular basis
  4. I get my bud from a close relative, so it's all good! :smoking:
  5. im pretty good with my dealers, they always hook me up lol. and i got a car n they usually dont so if they need to go somewhere im there, gets us to talkin ya digg?
  6. I mean we prob wouldn't talk it if it wasn't for MJ, but we're def cool with each other. He knows my gf and a few of her friends so we all went to his new years eve party.
  7. just met up with a new dealer; he's chill as fuck
  8. i only talk with my dealer when im buying bud. Other than that, its just a casual "hey, whats up, ok later" kinda thing :smoke:
  9. my dealers chill, im good friends with him :)
  10. Been buying off mine for a few months we smoke togather and chill. :smoke: Good Good shit and a GOOD price. Beats my 60 a quater.
  11. Why would you ever buy from a foe...setting yourself up for failure..
  12. I'd say I'm fairly good friends with him.

    Been going to him for about 3 years now.

    I scratch his back , he scratchs mine.
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    I'm one of the two people who said "I hate my dealer" :)

    recently he's been doing shit like orgranising to meet in town at 5pm, not turning up then ignoring calls.... texts at 6pm to say he's not selling it anymore. its annoyin as fuck.

    but i do buy off another guy who is sound as fuck and always up for a bit of banter, but generally he gets really shitty weed.

    so basically everytime i want weed i need to choose between those two options
  14. ya i think your dealer(s) should be friends. and like BA142 said . why have a dealer if he's a foe or you don't get along with him for that matter its pointless.. its like marrying some girl that you hate or is unattractive
  15. i gotta few different ones no best friend dealers tho bc if theyre like me their dealing to make money not give good deals to all their friends. not sayin i wont grab from my friends just not my main
  16. Motion to have an option regarding friends with dealer without being best friends with him.. Me and my dealer chill sometimes
  17. me and my main guy are pretty good friends, ill hit him up for a bag, go over there get my bag and my guy usually has a blt rolled up waiting, plus he has a sweet 3ft bong, so we usually smoke the blt watch tv, play ps3, just chill, then i always use his sweet 3ft bong, always a cool place to chill

    its good to make friends with your dealers if possible, they hook you up, dealers are people to so in my opinion always good to treat them as a friend, not just a guy you get weed from...then again some guys ive delt with always say no when i ask if they wana blow down...guess it just varies...i like to be friends with my dealers tho...
  18. I'm good friends with my dealer, I'd say I spend a fair amount of time kickin it with him, we've known each other for a while
  19. my dealers a good dude, we've been buddies since i've been elementary school.. don't really hang that much otherwise tho

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