The Perfect Tent Ventilation Technique.

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  1. Hello friends! I've had some visions of excellent ways to move hot air out of a grow space, or even better, to never allow hot air in the first place. We can't always fit MH and HPS bulbs in our setups and even if we do, it's going to get significantly warm, because of this, most growers go for LED lights in their tents. Because of the advent and inspiration given to LED technology, some I personally would agree are near comparable to MH and HPS by increasing spectrum where it can't increase Severity.

    There is only one problem with LED lights, You can't vent them and even if you could, What about the stink? In some of the most ridiculous ways, LED designers made sure that the heat of the lamp would stay in the grow spot. Sometimes the fans for the unit blow onto the unit instead of taking the heat away. My computer background tells me this is a good way to burn out bulbs. We're supposed to be removing heat not recirculating it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who had to face this, One has to wonder the most Efficient way to remove that heat and smell! Well guess what! I figured it out! Start with the photo "Temperatures" And allow me to say before I begin, I run my house temperature at 78 and 76 at night. Besides the house, There is NO OTHER AIR CONDITIONER. Which saves a HUGE headache for me. considering it would need to be miniature or have a prod to measure temperature through a hole. :)


    Here is what I've got, a 2x4x5 Tent, a 1200 watt king grow LED, a box I custom made to fit a carbon filter into and Trap all exhausting air, a good Inline CFM fan with controllable speed. Finally, of course, all the ducting. which consists of one Boot Duct, two down sizers (6'' > 4'' & 4'' > 3'') and one slight flex 8 foot long 3" duct and one 3" modulator to stick into the ceiling. Using these materials, I was able to create a 100% negative suction rate that passes All incoming cold air through led panel and out through the exhaust. The duct work goes into a 3 inch hole I made Under a ceiling light I rotated to make space for it. After plaster and moving the light back, It will be impossible to know I've cut the hole. BOOYAH!

    The box you're looking at holds a 4 inch carbon filter made by vivosun. Excellent product, The box allows me to put the hot air in one isolated spot where it can be vacuumed out through the fan above. In this way, The primary exhaust fan has directive supplemental air coming toward it to assist in the duty of moving the air. The carbon filter is the ONLY WAY OUT. this box can support additional holes for other incoming exhaust too.

    You can do this with any LED just make sure the fans are blowing outward and not inward. You may have to take it apart to flip the fans if this is the case, It's also really difficult to tell, I only found out after attaching the Boot duct and holding it against a wall scroll to see if it sucked or blew.
    I don't think you'll need a tutorial the pictures will make sense. If you want to support a 1200 watt LED or maybe even 2, and still keep your plants under 82 degrees This method is the way to do it. This plant shows Zero signs of heat stress.

    Happy growing everyone!

    Internal fans.jpg Rig Duct.jpg Carbon Filter and Apparatus.jpg Exhaust.jpg Grow Tent.jpg
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  2. Cool. Whatever works man! run your house temperature at 76°+ at night?
    God damn. I'd be sweating, near death lol!
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  3. Lol it's a perfect temp here in the desert. Perhaps years of conditioning played a factor? It's JUUUSSTT BAARREELLY below sweating.

    Im thinking about adding a second light, the plant is growing outta control now. :) doin something right.

    Used to fight with the standing air conditioner cause it would heat the stink and blow it out the window. I still haven't figured out how to incorperate clean incoming air. I've seen them put the cfilter at the end bowing out. But something tells me it would be less efficient. Also you'd have a giant filter hanging out the window, if you have the air conditioner outside the grow room blowing in it'll get a false temperature and not turn on.

    Weed troubles, am I right? Thanks for the like :)
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  4. Yeah I live in northern BC. I have a thryroid condition (hyper). I run hot. Fast metabolism. I can only gain weight if I eat about 3500+ cals a day.

    Basically a human thermo-nuclear reactor.

    Someday, I may go ahead and solve the issue of the polar caps moving south lol!

    I would die in southern US of A.
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  5. I hear ya, man... BC coast here and i think i'd melt if i left the temperate climate for too long! I'm one of those people you see wearing shorts in a snow storm... LOL

    Loving the custom ducting OP! I always like to see people thinking up unique ways to get things done. Nice job!
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  6. Haha! I hear ya.

    Me any further south than Washington state....

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  7. Need to back up ….
    The Samsung QB's don't make enough heat to have to have a heat sink and a fan .
    That is both reasons Samsung Boards are the most efficient lighting known to man ….

    You what ever it is you made is major over kill ….

    Your thinking that all LED lights are equal when they are not even close.
    Some LED lights use 2 to 3 times the watts for the same amount of light .
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    82 is a bit high. At about 70* terps will start to evaporate, the higher the temp the more u lose. I keep mine between 69-75 sometimes it’ll hit 77 but not to often. I keep my central air about 69-72 What was ur temps b4 u done all that?
  9. They don’t evaporate, they vaporize, and they are quickly replaced by the plant if it’s still alive. If you wanted to go that route, the bigger the grow room the less terps you have. Terpenes volitize and fill the air to an equilibrium, so the less cu in per gram on the plant, the better.

    Maybe you should worry about lst and vpd before cranking up your ac and building a boot for your blurple.
  10. Again 82 is a bit high... and I don’t worry about anything u mentioned. My ac is where it’s at bc that’s where we like it.... also I don’t grow with shitty blurples like u got. I have qb.... many of them
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    Also I’m not 100% but I think ur 1000000% wrong about them vaporizing and not evaporating. Vaporizing takes alot of heat, hotter then 82 lmao. Evaporation happens at room temp... Give me 30 seconds to search it tho. I could be wrong, doubt it tho.... I’d say b4 u tell ppl anything u first need to get ur facts straight and definitely stop telling ppl what they need to worry about when u urself don’t know and verify info b4 passing on bad info.
  12. I have like 15 quantum boards and an Electric Sky. Going to try to stuff 8 boards in a 2x4 for the lulz this fall. I have 6 boards sitting in my closet with 2 drivers waiting for their call to arms; nice try on the knock though. Doesn’t change the fact that you are wrong and throwing out personal attacks to distract from the lack of substance to your post.

    I’m not likely to take info from a site that can’t spell evaporation. Such a rudimentary spelling error makes one question the accuracy of the data presented, considering their attention to detail is clearly lacking. You may get your info from such goofy websites, but I’ll ask the physicists instead.

    It’s calming to know that you understand that a difference between evaporation and vaporization EXISTS, but you clearly know nothing with regards to their meaning and how they correspond with plant functions. I mean, we are talking about heat as the cause for terpene loss, right? What happens when heat causes a liquid to turn to a gas? Dun dun dunnnn.

    Bragging about QB’s is like bragging that you drive a Honda. It’s a standard issue light these days. You aren’t special because of your lights.

    Maybe you should focus on lst and vpd, like I said.
    Vapor Pressure Deficit VPD Calculator - Dimlux Lighting - The Best Grow Lights

    Passing off bad info is exactly what you did. Temp doesn’t matter, lst/vpd do. You just haven’t come to realize it because you want to shit on blurples and drone on about evaporation. What a maroon...
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    Learning about VPD changed everything for me. I don't worry about temps as much any more that's for sure. If its a little bit hot, I just turn up the high rH trigger a little.

    I try to keep it about 24-25°C average if I can, seems to be the best spot for me, but if I can't get it below 26 or 27 I don't fret. I just raise the rH to 60% instead of 55%, for example.
    My tablet runs everything like a brain with wifi plugs, a sensor app and Android automation software so I can just sit dowstairs and dial it up or down from my phone or the tablet.

    I'm trying to incorporate the VPD calculations automatically, but haven't figured the code out yet to factor in the equation. Once I get that, it's near fully automated. Even factors in the outside temp from an API query to a weather site.

    Only thing I need is automatic ratchet ropes, and a remote dimmer for my drivers and it would just automatically dial up or down the lights, maybe lift them if need be haha!! How awesome would that be?
    Could also have it calc it and control it all based on the stage of growth but that's down the!

    I have way too much time on my hands
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  14. I am thoroughly intrigued. Do you have a grow journal or something documenting this? I think you need a whole video series on building your grow room! Have you run a cycle through the room yet?

    You could easily attach your lights to a frame mounted winch, or even sliding tracks, similar to a drawer. It would be awesome to watch a grow room self-adjust using real time data and vpd calcs.

    Are you running vpd based on ambient or leaf temp? I have found my lst to be as low as -4 ambient.

    Well, you know what they say about idle hands. Good to see you keeping them busy with something other than marathon masturbation, like most of the dinguses these days.
  15. I have had a few cycles. It controls my veg/mom tent, my flowering tent and my spare/clone/baby tent. Works good, that is as long as I leave my tablet plugged in. I forgot the other day. Woke up and it had been 30.9°C and 85%+ in there for the last 4 hrs or so (fittingly the temp of the heatsinks) because the tablet wasn't awake to turn the fans on. A few things I have to work out lol!

    I do have a journal going just nothing really mentioned with the environment-controls stuff. Didn't wanna complicate up the journal. I'll try and do something up here one day.
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    Lmao sounds like u try to use big words to sound smart.. And definitely not bragging about qb. U said I should/or w/e build a box for my blurples. I just pointed out I don’t grow with shitty blurples
  17. Lmao “temp doesn’t matter” lmfao.
  18. Damn, how big is ur grow? The only thing automated in mine is my timers and central air
  19. Bahahahahha funniest shit I've read this morning and so true. Some people think if its online, well it must be true.
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    Misspelling. Then you’re most likely not going to take advice from anywhere. Do you have any idea how often sites miss spell words? Shit the eight or nine years I was in college to get my degrees, do you have any idea how many textbooks had missed spelled shit in them. Happens everywhere

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