the perfect "sea of green" - any tips ?

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  1. hello together !

    i want to ask your, if your have some tips or tricks, to make an "perfect" sog....

    for example.......
    when i made cutting, i try to make every cutting of the same tall.....
    i try to plant bigger cuttings a little bit deeper...
    i cut off the side shoots from smaler cuttings, in the hope, that it will grow a little bit bigger....
    i try to give smaler cuttings more N.....

    but i dont get equal tall plant.......

    sometimes there are some cuttings, that be very small (10-15cm).......some are big(40-50cm)...and some are middle......

    i make the cuttings from the hole mother (the fresh shoots, above and the smal shoots below - do you know what i mean ?)......

    some cuttings are ready after 6days, same need 14days, but i normally i plant the cuttings after 14-16days.....

    will i get better results, when i only use the cuttings above ?

    and/or when i give the cuttings some days more ? becouse you can see when an cutting change from the rooting-phase to the vegitation-phase.......there grow new, fresh, green leafes.....

    i have the problem with different strains.....

    i hope you understand, what i mean, becouse my english its not so perfect (;

    do you maybe have other tips/tricks, to make an perfect sog ?
  2. have nobody an idea ?
  3. I love to sog it fits my personality,always doing something in the garden.But I don,t think you can get an absolute perfect sog. I do perpetual but am always changing or adjusting. As they say and I am taking heed to,PATIENCE,PATIENCE,PATIENCE. lol.
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  4. Tender green newer growth will root quicker than lower, older growth with woody/bark skin. This at least would ensure your clones root at approximately the same time.


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  5. you shure ?
    becouse i have make the expierence, that new and soft stems, make more problems, than stems that are stable....
    (i dont mean old stems, that are empty in the inner.... (; )
  6. rare for any grower to get all level plants as each clone has it own level of growth hormones

    patience time and even more patience

    and more fiddling with that dammm net

    good luck
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  7. A good S.O.G, old school ?
    Like weekly harvest ?
    Is that what you are trying to do ?

    Take more cuttings than you need, and veg more plants than what you will actually flower

    Select only the cuttings for veg that have the strongest roots, and select only the plants that have grown the strongest in veg for flowering

    That way you maximize the capabilities of your room

    The drawback is wasting a few cuttings / plants { The ones that don't get flowered }

    Take perhaps 16ish cuttings for a table that will ultimately only contain 9 plants for flowering

    A good old school S.O.G. really only works well when you get everything dialed in from start to finish, and that means starting with the best cuts / plants

    Most general rules of thumb are to be followed { , lolipopping plants,Room cleanliness, nute changes, fresh air }

    You'll need enough mothers to provide a constant source of cuttings { Smaller cuttings root better, something about hormone concentrations in smaller branches VS larger ones, iirc, but I could be wrong }

    Mothers will need pretty much constant feeding as you are constantly removing the biomass of the plant that required the nutes in the first place to build { Very important to have strong and healthy mothers for a S.O.G. }

    You might have eight 315 watt LEC's over eight 4x4 tables, and a strain that takes 8 weeks, but once you start throwing strains that finish in different times it will change the frequency with which you harvest, so instead of doing weekly harvest, you might be having bunches of crops, then no crops for a week, then a crop, then 2 weeks with no crop, then two tables at once......etc

    Think about how you will stagger strains if you are going to do that, otherwise logistics is a nightmare

    A good S.O.G runs much better when the number of lights and tables matches the weeks required to finish

    An 8 table room would ideally use an 8 week finisher, for example

    Vegged for 4 - 6 weeks, depending on strain you could look at up to a pound { ish } per week using something like 315 watt LEC's

    Plus you have to think about your growing medium, if you are using clay like hydrocorn / hydroton, you have to wash and clean it, sterilize it, provided you want to keep using it over and over { And you can if you pay attention }

    You'll want to put a sink right in your flowering room { Try the metal recyclers for cheap metal sinks }

    Also, since you are monocropping, your tendency to have insect populations balloon out of control rapidly requires that you keep a constant supply of safe treatments, Azamax, Foggers, Etc, and it's essential that you always keep plenty of yellow sticky cards in your room, regardless of whether you have bugs or not

    The major mistake most people make with bugs in a S.O.G. is waiting until they are out of control

    By the time you start to notice them, you see that they are everywhere and you have that ' oh shit " moment

    So keep yellow cards out and always inspect them, look for those 5 fungus gnats that could create 100's of gnats and have you fooled into thinking you have nutrient lockout issues from improper flushing of the growth medium, or bad nutrient blends because they have eaten root hairs and the plants cannot feed

    You don't wait until you see bugs to fight them, you just assume there are bugs you cannot see and take steps to pre-emptively finish them off

    You rotate treatments so they do not build immunity

    If you are clean and professional about it, bugs wont be an issue

    If they do become an issue, the benefit to having 8 separate tables is that the infestations can be isolated

    Smaller tables can be tented and gassed with high concentrations of CO2 to kill bugs off

    If you have mold issues, you only have a few crops that are deep in flower at any one time, so it's easier to knock back and treat when there are multiple tables

    Essentially you are monocropping { growing one plant } which always makes it easy for problems top appear, but you are using multiple tables, so you benefit from that separation in crops that way

    Almost anybody can pull off a weekly-ish harvest, ....a highly tuned, highly productive S.O.G. is not an easy thing to pull off, but it's well worth it

    You basically want to run it like a chef would run a small kitchen { I'm a retired chef }

    Tight, fast and clean
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  8. thank you !
    thats sound like a plan, for a commercial sog (;

    i only have one big tent (;

    but the hint, that every clone have its own level ofhormones, was very good....
    what can we do against that ?

    i always make more cuttings, than i need (if it possible)....
    i have very much strains, but i know them and now i can handle them, but you right, its an logistical nightmare !

    but so i have learn much ! every strain have it own "character".........some need vegi, some dont need vegi.......
    some are good for sog, some are good for scrog and so on......
    very interesting (;

    i take the most cuttings from strains with the biggest yield, and some solo-plants, with good weed, but lower yield.....

    but it have take much time, to learn enough about the different strains......
  9. Yes, I'm sure. Older growth clones root slower than newer growth clones.

  10. what do you mean with "newer" and "older " ?
    if the stem are hollow, i agree with you....
    but if the stem are small and like pudding, i think the cutting is not so suitable.....

    by my experience, the best cuttings are the cuttings, that are near to the lamp and that have 3-4 internodes and have a hart, fresh stem, that isn hollow (around 1mm thick)....

    and if i cut a long stem and put it deep in earth (after rooting), there are some strains, that make more roots on the stem, while the blooming phase....

    sorry, i hope you understand what i mean ? becouse of my english (;

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