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Discussion in 'General' started by ripcurl15, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. How good is oust for killing the smell of weed in a basement? I'm just woundering i got the fragrence free stuff, so that my basment doesnt end up reeking of weed and a babbeling brook. Does anyone have any experiect wiht this shit, or shouldi usae something else like fabreeze thanks guys.
  2. I use oust its seems to do the job just fine, although i use febreeze for my curtains and duvet and stuff!
  3. I go through more Febreeze than I do weed. Its so good :smoke:

  4. True dat dawg. Only problem is that it's only for fabrics
  5. ozium always worked for me when i needed to worry about that.
  6. Fabreeze is great id use that. But most things will work in a pinch, some work better than others but oust sounds fine.
  7. Is it lol I use it for everything works fine for me.
  8. MANG i have discovered that if i spray walls and furniture with my glade the smell of potsmoke is covered up better. jus a suggestion :)

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