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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by potheadstewie50, Apr 9, 2006.

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    hey i was gonna grow outside, but cant decide where 2 grow it.
    where do u grow it? have any suggestions or places 2 look 4?
    :confused: :rolleyes: :cool:
    dont wanna get caught :bolt:

  2. gotta give us an idea of ur town/house/property.

    just look for some sneaky place around ur yard id say, speacially if its fenced in, that makes things alot easier.
  3. Listen, you want to put it in a place where people are very unlikely to go. I actually found my spot by using Gogle Earth. I suggest you download it, and look for a good patch of woods around your area, you want to find a spot that is very hard to spot a trail to. Sput them around about 5-8 ft. of cover, the more the better, so they can grow higher. Sput them somewhere around awater source if possible, so you can just go there and fetch water for your plants, because lugging water out is extremely difficult, and increases your chances of getting caught by having to constantly water. Hope this helps.

    - Vince
  4. Dude, i know where you live, and i wouldnt reccommend growing outside, the only place would be the escarpment, but then again a lot of hikers go through there...just do an indoor rubbermaid grow..
  5. vincent - i used google earth to check out my spot to. it's awesome, let's you cover so much ground with the click of a mouse.

    i just wish the pictures weren't from like 1998. there has been some development to my town in the last 8 years, so it looks a little wierd, but helps none the less.
  6. emagdnim13 is right its the best software. Edit: its been updated this year 2006 so everything is closer to reality.

    I prefer find a spot were its really open but also has some small trees as camo. This is were a grew last year great spot and no one live around there. Or look for a thick forest and some big open area surrounded by this forest.
  7. you can grow anywhere, just try not to do it near trees, and make it look natural, near some bushes. so long as its not on a bike path or somethin anywhere in the woods is absolutely fine. ive grown outdoors for 2 harvests now, never had a plant get discovered and i didnt have to try all that hard to hide them.
  8. Lol... you just posted the latitude and longitude of your grow sites
  9. yeah, way to go man.

    hope you're not planning on growing there this year...
  10. I took the pic off even tho this was last years grow, and I wasnt planing on doing it the same spot.

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