The Perfect Moment

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cork, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. I am having one of those perfect moment highs. Where you just got done blazing a fat Joint of some good shit. and the best music is on. . . . and your just in the perfect moment. Everythings perfect. :smoking:

    Ever have one of those?
  2. yea... your so happy you just want time to freeze... good moments, i love em.
  3. dude those are great i had one of those highs last night when i blazed and watched a few movies...
  4. Almost everytime I blaze dude. Ahhh
  5. ahh, twice in one day. ive managed to have two perfect moments in one day. what a merical. think i should toke a good J before bed, or leave it at that?
  6. roll a j tonight and save it to wake n bake
  7. hmm, i think i might do that. and if i hurry i can hit up the snack vending machine and get some munchies to end the night with. then i can get to bed by 2am and manage 8 hours of sleep so i can get breakfeast after the wake and bake.

    christ im high!! its all this trippy awsome music im listening to. its just making everthing great.

  8. yea those perfect moments where everything in the world is amazing are the reason i smoke.

    but those moments are much better with different/harder drugs, but the come downs are terrible.
  9. im satisifed with weed. oh shit i see ur from schenectady. i just moved from albany and now i live in buffalo.
  10. What's up, Chris. I'm in Clifton Park.
  11. I had the perfecr day. We had a few red bulls, at least an ounce of weed, lots of blunts, listening to bone thugs and then Half baked came on FUSE. awww that was a perfect night.

  12. Same for me. Either:

    I'm with my best friend, his girlfriend, and another couple close friends. The blunt is finished, and we ALL come up on the high together. IT's an intense feeling when you can sense their highness too.


    I'm home alone. I've ordered pizza when I finished my 2nd bowl, and I'm probally on my 6th or 7th now. The pizza comes, dude gets a bowlpack or two, and we're all happy. I put the pizza, appetizers and drinks down, and chill for a minute. Everything would come together, and I would feel better about myself.

    I wanna cry man, haha. I'll be sober until my military career is done ( Well, I'm still able to drink). I miss the bud, but, Gotta get this career thing done with first, ya know?

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