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The perfect medication mixture

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Hamachi12, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. So I kinda realize that this isn't the greatest thing, BUT it's all legal as they are medically and professionally prescribed to me by my doctors! 
    So I notice when I take 1,000 MG of Naproxen (4-5 Aleve Pills), 1-2 MG of Xanax, 1-2 Pumps of Alubeterol Inhaler, and smoke weed all at once it makes for an amazing feeling. It's like your body becomes numb to everything but happiness and bliss, while you're 100+% worry and anxiety free while the best breathing you've ever experienced. 
    Do any of you do this, legally? What do you mix and what does it make you feel like? Its like weed enhances the drugs i take. 
    ALSO, I have a question. 
    I take Prozac, 40 MG and I'm curious to know if Weed interfered with Prozac and in what ways? 

  2. Hey bud, read the rules you can only talk about weed on here, all other drug chat is against gc forum rules.

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  3. lol @ naproxen and albuterol
  4. I ate an apple once while high

    Think I swallowed two apple seeds

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  5. Why would you want to take all that crap man? Just smoke some weed and drink a beer or two. I know I shouldn't be talking about unmentionables but please educate yourself on anti anxiety medication. It's so bad and dangerous for you

    ->I smoke weed<-
  6. I've got stronger meds lol 
    Xanax is perfectly safe, i've never once experienced anything bad from it and i've been taking it for a year now. All these drugs have been prescribed by my doctor so they're perfectly legally, and I study everything and anything about every single drug I take, marijuana included. 
  7. but they're prescribed to me and fully legally. If I were to talk about taking Xanax or Provigil w/o a legit prescription then It'd be illegal and wrong, but they're prescribed to me in my name. 
  8. It's against forum rules to speak of drugs other than Marijuana. Rules are rules.

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  9. Dude you need to go throw that shit up now, apple seeds will turn you into a peach tree
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