The Perfect Hole?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by tat2edangel, May 26, 2006.

  1. Ok here is my recipe for the perfect hole.

    First off I dig a 4x4x4 hole. Then line the hole with a black lawn bag and punch lots of holes in the bag (this helps keep more of the moister in the soil and the holes in the bag help with a bit of drainage. I keep all the rocks I pull out of the hole and line the bottom of the hole with at least a foot of river rock I put all the dirt form the hole on a black lawn and garden bag. I do all the mixing of the smaller rocks and amendments on the extra bag so as to make sure i have the best mix and I don't lose all my dirt from the hole. I find the best thing you can bring for holes is water polymers mixed at 1 tbls per 1 square foot (4 tbls. for one of my holes) I gather tons of amendments from the area your area is probably different but with a bit of scouting and maybe a bit of reading you can make some REALLY KICK ASS HOLES. i.e.. dead trees that have dried out in the sun are awesome the mulch it is perfect in place of coconut coir if you just cant get any and it will just make the hole that much better next year. Cow and horse manure that is dried and somewhat broke down are great for high N's. LOTS of river rock to help break up the density of the soil. I am fortunate enough to have some great soil at the SPOT (lots of good black soil and no clay until 4 almost 5 feet down). As soon as I get the soil mix just right just pour the soil on the bag in to the hole. NO WASTE.

    It has been said a million times but the more time you spend on you holes the better the payoff. Make them big and deep use what you can from the area and mix it well. The bags in the holes WITH HOLES PUNCHED IN IT is just a cant miss trick lining the bottom of the holes with the larger rock before pouring in the soil you worked so hard on can only help make the physical part well worth it.

    This is my recipe for a good hole. Please post any replies and criticisms this all about learning and shearing.
  2. Just a thought about Natural / Organic at least/luckly I have real kick ass soil from spring creek (creek from a water table spring not a creek only good in spring. Ha-Ha lol) the soil is on a table rock and is just composted creeks edge vegetation I don't add much more then water polymers and a bit of worm castings some High P bat guano and I guess I have been known to pick up some horse manure along the path. There was a season maybe two were I would pack in verm and perlite and 15-30-15 time release and some peat moss.

    All this is mixed on the black lawn bags I don't really measure more then to a handful of the this a hand full if that to the native dirt THEN mix all the dirt with the peat moss or coconut coir or sun dried tree guts. USE WHAT EVER YOU HAVE IN THE
    AREA!!!! Add the water polymers last so as to get that close a table spoon is a good pile in the middle of the hand try this once or twice to see what it looks like but a little to much is better then not enough.
  3. Absolutely, the more you put into it the better the yield.

    Like most everything I guess.

    But there is always someone who just threw a handful of seeds in a field and got a ton of bud - or so he says.
  4. I was out digging holes the other day and found a huge pile of Moose shit near where I was so I added that into the mix. If those plants end up bigger than all the rest I know my new secret fertilizer will be from now on....

    Kisses -
  5. Hey, moose shit sounds good to me. Sure that is moose and not mouse shit!!!
  6. Hey Spanishfly -

    No... I mean moose not mouse!! Each moose turd is about the size of a mouse.
    We have lots of Moose in Maine..... I see 4 or 5 every summer while out in the woods.... It is best to stay clear of them since they can be as big as 800 to 900 pounds and are afraid of nothing. (They have no natural enemies)

    Kisses -
  7. Looks like a mega source of shit.

    Think horse but a bit bigger. They eat grass, ferns, small trees, lily pads from water ponds, and other green stuff. I just hope they don't develop a taste for my pot plants.....

    Kisses -
  9. Horse manure is great for MJ. But it must be well rotted, never fresh.

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