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The Perfect High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by F. Fontaine, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Some strains we like more than others. However, certain strains will give us that high we've always been looking for. Some strains have different ratios of THC to cannibinoids and thus produce a slightly different high.

    What is your perception of "the perfect high"? Is it an Indica-dominant? Sativa-dominant? A good mix of both?

    The strain that I've found that gave me the perfect high was Durban Poison. DP is a landrace African sativa and its a real head-rocker. I felt few couchlock effects but my mind was somewhere else. Its a great strain. However, its not my favorite.

    What about you guys?
  2. im definitely a sativa guy, I love wake and bakes and smoking in the afternoon and still doing my work. I dont live in a medical state so i dont really ever get a chance to get some of the best sativas, but whenever i get like some strong sour diesel and hit a wake and bake it makes my day awesome.. i hate come downs off weed, makes me tired and quiet
  3. I prefer sativa for sure, but indica is also fun. I definitely don't mind indica.
  4. Bump for more responses.
  5. well if im by myself i prefer indica, or maybe like a 80-20 indica dominant, if im with friends sativa for sure. White widow is my personal favorite, but that shit will fuck you in the ass
  6. I'm an indica guy, 100%.

    You have to use a paintscraper to get me off the couch
  7. Of I'm going to be busy or doing something or at a party it's saliva all the way, but if I'm being a lazy stoner just chilling indica :)
  8. [quote name='"BlazedHhhavoc"']Of I'm going to be busy or doing something or at a party it's saliva all the way, but if I'm being a lazy stoner just chilling indica :)[/quote]

    Sativa* auto correct
  9. im an indica guy for sure. right now i have some dank sativa (lambs breath, it was actually one of bob marleys favorite strains.) and it doesnt do much for me. like i honestly dont feel all that different. it would be great for during the day but i can only smoke at night so i love a nice heavy indica high. with that said the sativa helps me fall asleep faster than any indica that i have had. so ideally for sleep id like a good mix of sativa and indica but over all i prefer indica. unfortunately im not in a medical state so i have no control over what my dealers carry.
  10. Sativa during the day... Indicas at night... That makes for a good day. Peace
  11. I would say a more indica dominant strain, but not so much i can't bloody move and fall asleep after a couple of cones.
    But i do enjoy sativa strains that come around every once in awhile, especially in the morning.

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