The Perfect Flow and Your Highest Self

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    Contrast, or apparent contradiction or opposition to your desires, is beneficial in that it expands your worldview and range of experience. Your highest self experiences the full range of pleasures and desires to be found within the entirety of your world view and cumulative experiences. All "negativity" has a positivity that it is contrasting, and therefore it benefits your highest self. As you begin to see through the drama of reality, you can see that everything is just a blown up expression of some end of a polarized thought-range. From here, you can see that it is all useful in informing you of nuances within the essence of some aspect of your consciousness. That is all things, people, and circumstances are; specific nuances within a larger essence, or pattern.

    If you can see the use of it all, and follow your natural flow, you will find yourself drifting in the direction of your highest self, which is your highest happiness. When you find yourself in this flow, you will likely see that it is oddly specific and perfect. This may create a slight worry that you are going to deviate from it, since it is so specifically perfect. However, since you are so deep in the perfect flow, and able to perceive all of the nuances, this opens up a great range of potential responses within this flow, as you find that all deviations wind up being very subtle. This is part of what makes it so perfect; you find that there is an incredible freedom within this perfection, despite how specific it all seems.
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    always a good read, TheJourney.

    ive been contemplating 'the story' alot lately. what if our betrayal of God is really our betrayal of our own DNA? or Genetic Order Diagram

    what if god is truth? oh how He has been perverted

  3. Yeah, I've experienced this before everything seemed perfect. Everything is just way more clear when you see it, nature just stands out, all the colors you see are heighten. It's hard to explain but it's true bliss.
  4. i wish you would go into more detail with these. i always find myself craving a more in depth look after i read them
  5. hopefully our kin can continue experiencing

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