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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by AsianPotHead, May 11, 2010.

  1. This is my PERFECT Tutorial for PERFECT FIRECRACKERS!

    Tools + Items you need:
    1. 2-4 crackers (2 crackers per firecracker)
    2. ORGANIC Peanut Butter (MUST BE ORGANIC so the fat can absob the THC)
    3. Tin foil about the size of 1/4 of a sheet of paper
    4. A Grinder (Or anything to grind up your weed)
    5. 0.5 grams of weed/per cracker (THATS ALL!!!!!)

    Steps to Prepare:
    1. Lay out your tin foil ... remember 1/4 sheet of paper worth of tin foil
    2. Put down two crackers
    3. Gently apply a small amount of peanut butter to one side of each cracker (You want to make sure the peanut butter is thin and spread out to cover the entire side of the cracker)
    4. Place 0.5 grams of finely grinded weed in the center of one peanut buttered side of a cracker
    5. gently even out the weed with your fingertip throughout the cracker
    6. Squish both sides of the cracker together to make 1 perfect firecracker
    7. Take your firecrackers and wrap them up comepletely in tin foil and make sure there are no air holes/pockets as they will affect the heating process of your perfect firecrackers.
    8. Put however many crackers you have on a metal pan (To put into the oven .... later)

    9. Firstly pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees farenheight!
    10. Then put the pan with the firecrackers into the oven
    11. Set the timer to exactly 16 MINUTES!!!!!!!!
    12. Once the timer is done, take out your pan and consume your firecrackers

    Effects and Concerns! (IMPORTANT)
    1. There is absolutely no smell given off while baking. However, when you apply the weed to the peanut butter (Step 4), make sure your parents are not around because depending on the quality of your herb, it may be stinky.
    2. DO NOT EVER USE A MICROWAVE because it uses a different kind of heating system that will not extract THC from the weed ... aka YOU WILL WASTE YOUR WEED
    3. Do not eat too many firecrackers at once ... you will be sick GUARENTEED!!!
    4. THE EFFECTS kick in at around 1 - 2 hours
    5. THE EFFECT ITSELF is more like inhaling 1 bowl of your herb
    6. It must be organic peanut butter
    7. The cracker can be anything made of wheat ... ritz is not the be-all-end-all cracker
    8. Any side of the tin foil will do ...
    9. You can make these infront of your parents just don't let them be anywhere close when you add the weed to the un-cooked firecrackers (I did it to my mom and she said it smells good ... btw she HATES WEED!)
    11. I do not know if you can store these for later consumption ... but you know what they say: "EAT IT WHILE IT'S HOT!"
    12. They taste pretty peanutty ... not that bad actually :)

    Please rate or leave a comment below and let us know your high goes if you ever try this recipe! :smoking:

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