The perfect drug..

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Fuck all the hard drugs.

    Beer and dank is what its about.

    I said fuck the blunt, Im smokin dank.

    I drank what, 14 natty ice's or something. Tore up.

    Hit the greenery, Smoked a bowl, Like .5 and im fuckin blown back.

    This is like the ultimate buzz for me, Because im so like, Jus perfect, And also dont have no where near withdrawl effects like other drugs ive been on, And this buzz is enough, I dont need more, Or crave more. Though ill keep drinkin n smokin.

    I love beer and weed.:hello:
  2. That is what life is really all about.
  3. thats what its all about baby.
  4. i have never drank before but i agree with you about the dank the buzz is amazing
  5. True fuckin that, but some blow on the side every once in a while does'nt kill no one:D
  6. Hallucinations are always fun, too. :(
  7. i think the "perfect drug" would be angel dust that didnt cause you to go insane from constant use, haha if there was angel dust that wasnt bad for you i'd be all over taht shit
  8. i love most hard i can't um relate to the perfect part, but gettin' drunk and blasted sure is fun, sister lit her hair on fire last night it was hilarious and we were both scummy and gone off the dank diggity
  9. yeah man, great stuff. Drank and smoked near everynight at school this year, got wasted and toked bowls all night with friends/at parties. We probably went through five thirty packs of Natty Light at our house a week, lol. Great combo, and it never gets old.
  10. marijuana and beer and liqour is the shiznittlebamboo
  11. Natty light hell yeah! That's the way I do it...and get made fun of by some people.
  12. i'm not a big fan of alcohol. pass me some coke or dope.
  13. yea drinkins not really my thing. once in a while its fun, but i'd smoke a bowl any day over a shot of liquor. beers good too but not to get drunk, just on a hot day or at a bbq ect.

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