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The Perfect Blunt

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IsaacHaze, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. so a lot of my friends prefer blunts that have filters in em. personally i think this is completely wrong. a filter ruins a blunt. first when you use a filter the mouthpiece is HUGE (maybe about the size of a penny or a dime) so you suck weed through. another thing the smoke is way too hot and you cant take looooonger drags due to the gaping hole of a mouthpiece. i prefer blunts that are rolled more like a cone like a real blunt should be. none of this filter shit.

    so what constitutes a perfect blunt? post your thoughts.
  2. A blunt that gets me retarted=perfect blunt.
  3. Au Naturale - without
  4. Perfect blunt?

    It should:

    A) have approx. 1 gram of headies (preferably of course) in it

    B) be a honeydutch (my favorite, but whatever floats your boat)

    C) burn for a minimum of 30 minutes
  5. so your sayin you prefer using dutches as apposed to wraps?

    a dutch does seem better cuz your putting the time in to craft something beautiful but ive never actually rolled with one. a wrap is just so much more convinient.
  6. the blunt must not be loose like a working girl
    the blunt must have sweetness to it
    burn at an average pace, too slow its more tobacco i smoke, too fast and it wastes alot
    it must have a mouth peice formed when rolled, no filter
    must be leafed, popped open with your thumbs and re rolled with precision and beauty
    cancer paper is removed and not ripped off, peeled off
    burn lightly when untoked
    it cannot get supe resiny, the paper and leaf should absorb the sticky nasty resin, not my lips
    it must be made out of something strong, but fresh...i dont want it bendy, but i freaking hate stale ness
    SMOOTH, like fonzy smooth, if a blunt hits like a mac truck, then its fucked up...should go down smooth where you can control the flow of the smoke...

    thats my criteria for a blunt...its taken me a long long long time to learn how to roll a great blunt, and i still dont have it PERFECT..if i ever feel like taking pictures and providing more proof of criminal activity, then ill post me burnin one...

    as for the crutch/filter, i dont do it, dont feel right, only thing that touches my blunt are me, the coffee table mc escher book, my tongue, and some decent greens
  7. yea deffinitely no filter. and deffinitely a dutch, absolutely no wraps. a Game is ok too.
  8. lol a filter on a blunt? for what? Just put less weed on the side your mouthpiece will be, and roll it in a small cylinder shape, none will fall through. And if it does (like if you used a grinder for a real fine bud consistency), use a pen / paperclip and just poke it in.

    Yeah Im also a fan of the vanilla dutchmaster and some people above said, great blunt, burns nice and slow and a decent taste.
  9. thing is with dutches, atleast the ones i get, they got a weird taste to them, and really are easy to roll...

    blunts in order of purchased most
    swisher perfectos
    garcia vega english corona
    chocolate phillie
    grape swisher xl
    peach white owls
    backwoods (i like em)

    ive found those blunts x1000 times better than dutches, dont try to learn on dutches...if you learn to roll with a blunt like an optimo (which people always seem to mess up), then youll do great when you get to garcias and the such...i really forgot where im going with dealer got new better mids and im getting 30 a quarter for some dank stuff, so i bought an two ounces for 85 ea (he charges other people 100 an oz, but im a long time customer, and i always make sure i fire up a fatty for him)
  10. First of all. Wraps suck.

    This is the way ive discovered to roll the perfect blunt.
    Take a garcia vega, because the outside leaf isnt sliced into little peices like swishers. Its a whole leaf.

    You wet the cigar and peel the outside leaf off carefully. Wrap it around a soda can. The condensation will keep it moist. Slice open the inside wrap, gut it, and roll it up as you normally would. then once thats rolled, re-wrap the outer leaf moderatly tight. as the blunt dries and fluffs up a little, the outter leaf keeps it tight. Burns the best.

    Learned it from a guy from NY, he said thats how him n his buddies roll blunts up there.
  11. I've never liked filters on a blunt. There's no point to it.

    I use Garcia Vegas- I can roll perfect blunts w/ em.
  12. Yea, and besides I hear it Filters out some of THC, leaving you not as high fuck that. No Filters on any blunt I have toked, there is no point to it really.
  13. amen to that. especially the part about it being fonzy smooth.

    def take some pics of the blunts yall roll...i wanna see how different they actually are. oh and to all the people that voted for a filter in the
  14. Only use swishers and only use filters on joints, which I never smoke.
  15. my blunts always have a nice shine to em, cause i dont use saliva, always got a glass of water to wet it up a little bit....

    ya the only thing i got left to get down on mine poppin a perfect seam with my thumbs, i always got a blade around when i roll, and when i can use my thumbs, but it never turns out straight...that and get a nice shape at the tip would be nice...

    other than that, ive been rollin blunts a long time, and i used to be the only one in my circle who could leaf nearly anything, and religious smoked something other than a dutch...

    and one last thing, it cant be folded, you gotta slide it under, and make it decently tight, and then use to leaf to get it perfect, and if its a wrap, you got one try so you gotta know how to make it tight the first time too..
  16. Vanilla Dutch Masters. Nuff Said.
  17. No Filter!!! Ftmfw!
  18. my vote was for no filter. mainly because i love to smoke the roach after the blunt is done. then you can enjoy a nice blunt, along with a fat bowl afterwards:smoke:

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