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The Peak

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by datchronic420, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys this thread is for the appreciation of the Peak of your high. I had just smoked many bowl packs before this and my experience is pure euphoria. What do you guys feel when you're at the peak of your high? :hello:
  2. i heard that within the first 15 mins is when you really feel the goodness of mary working. and after toking for so many years id have to agree
  3. I feel really good and get high to the point where i can like control my body but i can't feel my body (took a while to master lol) and ever once in a while if im really zooted i feel like the center of my brain basically jizzes and i feel like a warm shock of goodness (kinda how heroin addicts explain there high) but i only get like that when its dank or if i havent smoked in a while. im on a 2 month t break and im 10 days away
  4. when i start just sitting and relaxing my eyes but not really closing them, im pretty much retarded from that point on ward.
  5. i had been smoking bowls all night, and then i took this one hit, and held it, my body went out of this world, and i felt amazing, i just was frozen and numb.

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