The Peace In Death

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  1. Hi, today I'd like to talk about the absurdities in our culture's view on death today.

    Where most people find terror in death, I find liberation and peace.
    Where most people do everything possible to attempt to escape their mortality, I sit in silence patiently waiting for the day avoiding such alternatives.
    Where most people cower to the forces of death, I shall stand strong embracing.
    Thus, those unable to let go of their attachments during the time of death are surely going to have a bad trip, and those prepared to let go will graciously flow back into the universe.

    So, in order to prepare for death, practice non-attachment. In order to feel not at mercy, start giving. To show someone that is dieing you care, give them permission to be released. Make it so they know you will be alright without them.

    In my opinon, our resistance to death (medications, surgery, so on and so on) has only made it so death fucks with us so much harder. Instead of just naturally coming and going, we now have it so that medicine in general prolongs our lifes, prolongs our suffering. The more times we successfuly run, the more frightened we get when it comes and the less prepared. How much are those few extra years really worth? Honestly, I feel like I can go anyday and I would not feel any shame, I wouldn't feel like I'm missing anything. I feel like if I die, those whom I touched may experience the trail of pain due to my passing, but they will also learn a great deal through my death, and that I am grateful for. Death truly gives us time to look inward without all the natty dread bullshit and evaluate ourselves for who we are, for how we see ourselves. The trail death leaves behind, in my eyes, is so positive and reinforcing that it makes people remember where they came from, who they are, and what they want to do. I honestly view death as the most beautiful aspect of life right now. There is just something compelling about being released from your body, being alleviated all your stacked years of suffering, having let go of all your troubles and worries and be able to roam freely the world beyond, even if it is only for a couple seconds.

    If someone is getting ready to die, let them go. Attachment to your loved one's life only creates resistance which only makes them dieing so much of a more difficult experience. Can you image laying on your death bed and having your family weep and weep telling you that they cannot get by without you, that they need you, and yet the direction you are going is out the door rather than back into their lives? A family, including all your friends, should do all that is possible to make the pain of leaving as little as possible so that there is no weight on your shoulders, there is nothing holding you back, there is nothing to fight. Once again, the greatest sign of affection you can show to someone who is dieing is by giving them permission to leave, giving them thanks, but also understanding and acceptance. Family members not being able to let go is like a curse, a source of tremendous suffering for he who is dieing.

    Don't hold ont to anything too tightly, don't take everything so seriously. It is only when one attach's themselves to life so strong that they make death difficult, they take the beauty of death away, they wring the life in death's neck until death's face turns blue. In my eyes, people generally just have to learn how to go, how to let go and face the unknown with a courageous, fearless spirit rather than in a frightened, paralyzed state. Practice now for death, practice facing the unkown with a strong posture and it will make your death much easier and smoother.

    When people are unable to let go, what they are afraid of is their own pain, their own suffering. With resistance to one's continual into the post-phase of this formed life, the individuals left behind become frightened of their own pain. They start kicking and screaming at their own inability to grasp the life that is coming through. This inability to grasp and inability to realize that it can't be grasped can lead one into a manic state, a highly sensitive state of visible hurtings. In my eyes, it is a friendly reminder telling you that the forces coming through life are greater than you, so either respect and accept or attempt to grasp and fall. Everyone in their right place.

    A void dance, avoidance. Learn to conque it with acceptance, love, and understanding and the universe will create a path for you filled with love and alleviated suffering.

    Much love GC, much love.
  2. Beautiful. I agree with every word. Thanks for posting this.
  3. You are welcome. :)

    I felt like I had gotten so much weight off my shoulders after writing this.
  4. Welcome to carousel.
  5. very well thought out and I have to agree.

    Everyone has a right to death... not by law standards but by personal conduct.

    Sometimes I would like to end it all, but I am young and hope the next 20 years could turn around, if they dont, then well fuck it who knows what will happen.

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