The Peace Corps

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  1. Figured this would be the best thread for said topic. Has anyone been a part of the Peace Corps? What did you do? Did they train you? Where'd you go and who did you help? I want to go to the Peace Corps and will set up a resume tomorrow to apply. gotta wait 9-12 months anyway so I have time to learn and grow.
  2. I've never done it but that's good shit man

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  3. I really want to join the Peace Corps. It might be hard for me to live without my luxuries, though. I really love my guitars, skateboards and bongs.
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  4. I would also love info on this topic !!
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  5. Sounds like a good idea. Like your doing , i would look into it myself. Research it on the web. Find out advantages and disadvantages.
    But from what I have heard, peacecorp is a tool for leftist where you will be taught how to Be and become a liberal. If that's the road you want to take then what are you waiting for. Why do you have to wait a year?
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  6. They don't ship you off on a job for at least 9 months after you apply. Their website says you get 3 months of training but I don't know what ill be doing. Haven't set it up just yet.
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    So I made my resume and applied, then they sent me a medical application to fill out and I completed that. about an hour later they sent me a form to fill out about my location/job preferences and a questionnaire. filled both out and am waiting to be contacted

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