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  1. With my most recent thread about reincarnation, it will undoubtedly bring up the question in nearly everyone's mind, "If we reincarnate, why can't we remember our past lives?". First of all, this is more of a statement than a question, because it assumes that no one in the world has any memory of their past life. I am going to illustrate how many people do in fact have somewhat of a memory of their past life and likely don't even recognize it.

    There have been hundreds of cases where people have some kind of trauma or some psychic change occur where they speak an entirely different language, telling their name, when they died, where they lived, etc., some of these cases being little children, that have been verified by investigators who looked into it. Other cases involve people being at a place they have never been, and just like certain little things can trigger the memory of a long ago, seemingly forgotten event, the person is able to recall what yet to be seen places they are going through will look like in exact detail.

    One thing I emphasize, is that knowledge is nothing without experience, you can rationalize that gasoline is flammable all you want, but until you've actually seen how easily gasoline can be lit on fire, you do not KNOW that gasoline is flammable. Wisdom is knowledge that has been experienced, and in this short little sermon there will be no need for any information on the anatomical workings of memory, as all of you will have undoubtedly experienced these things first hand, so that you know they are absolute truths.

    I am assuming that most of you guys are between the ages of 18-30 years old, and this is a wonderful circumstance to show you the workings of the memory, because it shows just how quickly the memories become vague if not recalled at more and more recent times as one ages. Many of you will acknowledge that the reason that we cannot remember being born, is because the brain is not yet developed, and this is why we cannot fathom having been created in just this single incarnation. However, none of you will argue the fact that a 5 year old has a perfectly able memory, as the 5 year old begins kindergarten and memorizes various information, and the language as well is developed to a degree and memory is necessary in order to remember words so that one may speak.

    However, how many of you can remember more than 10 events that happened when you were 5 years old. The most significant and clear memories are the ones that perhaps the family or friends talked about, so that one need only go back to the last time that it was mentioned to recall it, and it does not fade away like other memories because it has been reinforced in your mind by being brought up at various times and various ages.

    Also there are memories that, if you were to write down every memory you can think of, would not come to you. However, sometimes things will occur, or you will see something associated with that memory and suddenly it comes to the surface out of it's storage far back in the memory.

    As I've said, one cannot really dispute that a 5 year old certainly is capable of remembering things, and I'd like you to think back to your earliest memory. Now, I'd like you to try to recall what happened the day after that event or even a few hours later, assuming the memory isn't something that was drawn out such as a loved one being sick or dieing.

    From the ages of 4-10 no one will disagree that Christmas is a very significant event, children often times cannot sleep at night with the excitement of the presents they imagine they will get from Santa in the morning. Most of you would not disagree that the events we find significant at the time are the most easily recalled. I'd like you to try to remember your favorite present that you received each Christmas from the ages of 4-10. Can you do it? If so, I applaud you for your memory, but most will find that they can only remember a few presents that they were extremely joyous to receive, and some of those presents might have even been received during the same Christmas. Also, some of your memories will have been reinforced by looking at pictures or home movies at various times throughout your life so that one need only refer back to the last time they were reminded of that Christmas and not the full 15 or so year span back to the original memories and now.

    Now, if you cannot even remember back a decade or two, wouldn't it make sense, considering the average time from birth to birth is 144 years, that it would be exceedingly more difficult to recall an event that occurred 100 years ago?

    However, just like there are seemingly lost memories that may be suddenly recalled by association with something we see or experience more recently, the same can be said about past life memories.

    How many of you, for some reason, when seeing or hearing about a certain country or historical event, felt a deep seated interest in these places, and almost a familiarity of the subject when you were a child. For me personally, even since I was a little kid I have always felt a deep connection and interest in ancient Egypt, Greek mythology, and Native American spiritual customs, as well as the black plague and the dark ages, and even Africa. Also with the Orient, and I am naturally gifted at Martial Arts and have always known that Chi and Oriental Mysticism are real, before I even knew what they were. Also a deep feeling of connection to magic, although it wasn't something I pursued like dungeons and dragons or harry potter, I had no interest in make believe magic fiction, but at the time I didn't know where to obtain books on actual Magic or that they even existed. I knew that these stories of wizards and magic came from something true, but I didn't know information about it was out there, and I never pursued the fictional magic that many "nerds" do.

    I remember the first time I heard anything about Greek mythology, I knew nothing of the stories, but the names alone brought up a longing to study the stories of these gods, and the stories seemed very familiar as if I had already read them. The same goes for Egypt, looking at hieroglyphics there was a sense of familiarity with them. To this day I hold Egypt very near to my heart, feeling as if I am somehow deeply associated with the Holy Land. I can recall certain vague images of Egyptian monuments and hieroglyphics, and some of these I have found in books on the subject, though not all of them. Egypt is a very historic place so some of you may argue that I may have seen the images on television, but this does not account for my feeling of connection with Egypt as a small child when I had known nothing of Egypt previously, nor did I watch any television about Egypt or read any books specifically about Egypt.

    I am fairly certain all of you have some country, that for some reason or another, and regardless of knowing the history of this country or not, is a place that you hold closer to your heart than others, and you may have no good explanation for why you have always wanted to go to this country or why this country holds any significance to you at all if you do not know much about it. Some places we would like to go because of the experiences that could be had there such as the Bahamas or Las Vegas, but there are other countries that may not be so desireable to visit that for some odd reason we hold in a higher regard of wishing to go to this country.

    I'd like you to think back to certain things that sparked your interest much more than anything else as a child, even though you knew nothing about the subject at hand when they first came upon you.

    Also, how many of you have met people that, within the first time of hanging out with them, became very close friends?

    Undoubtedly all of you will agree that the events of your life have molded who you are, what your morals and values are, even if you cannot remember all of the exact events that led you to become who you are now.

    As some of you may know, the subconscious mind takes note of every single thing occurring around you, but it acts as a filter so that your conscious mind is not overloaded with sensory input, and often times we can remember seemingly insignificant memories by association with something that is seen or occurs presently that draws these memories to the surface.

    If you were to have a memory of your past lives the way you can remember all of your plans for today, everything would merge together and you would be in the nuthouse. As you can see even memories from only 10 or so years ago become vague, though they are still there to be recalled in the right circumstances. The memories of 100 years ago during the past live, would be 10x more vague than the memories from 10 years ago, so it is no wonder we do not have a precise memory of them, the memories of the 20-30 years on this earth alone are almost nothing compared to everything that has occurred in your life.

    The past life memories, like the memories and events of this life, do play a significant role in molding the personality, and it is how we grow and evolve towards higher and higher existences. It explains why, in the same family and in the same neighborhood, a group of brothers can have completely different personalities, one being very intelligent and noble, the other being a bit slow and rather criminal in his behaviors, regardless of growing up in the same environment and having the same parenting. Psychology experts debate over whether it is Nature or Nurture that molds who we are in this life, and it is rather both, but it is not this life only that molds our personality, because these 2 principles do not even come close to explaining why 2 brothers, having the same parents and raising, and the same environment, can turn out completely opposite in character.

    Also I am sure there are some of you who have certain fantasies about doing things that go against your conscious morality, and it would sicken or at least upset you to perform these things in life or to have someone close to you affected by these things as they go against your conscious morals. For myself it goes along my sexual nature, in which my fantasies have been about bondage, sodomy and forced sex, but the thought of doing this to a woman in reality absolutely disgusts me, and in real life I am a very intimate gentle lover when I am with a woman and very devout and loyal to my partner. I also find that through the course of my life so far I have been forsaken by every woman I've been with, and I am well aware that I am experiencing the Karma to completely mold my ego so that I never take woman for sex objects again. I am destined to live a rather lonely life, though, as far as I know, I am not destined to be completely alone or else I would not have had the few girlfriends that I have had. I was not a rapist in my past life so you know haha, but I wasn't exactly the most loving or loyal husband either.

    I think that explains it in enough detail that you can grasp what I am getting at in respect to why it is we all do not have a clear memory of the past life, let alone past lives, and why we hold some cultures and geographical locations in higher regards than others even if we are not knowledgeable on their history, which is the result of past life associative memory, though the memory is very vague being from so long ago. If you have any further questions, as always I am here to try to help.

    Might I just add, there is a fairly easy method for recalling any memory from this past life in it's EXACT detail, right down to seeing a penny on the ground that you never even looked at, as you are accessing the akasa chronicle, as you breathe in akasa with the air, and akasa records everything that occurs, as well as holding the future within it to a degree. This method isn't easy in that you can do it on the first try, but compared to other methods it is the easiest. You will still fail many times before you succeed though.

    Lie on your back with your legs crossed, and your hands folded on the top of your head. As you fall asleep, focus intently on the memory you wish to relive, while still retaining the sense of self (which is fairly hard to do as you fall asleep). You will experience the memory from the 3rd person perspective in exact detail, if you were standing in front of someone in the memory, you will be able to see their back if you wish to.
  2. Very insightful post, thank you! I'm about to go to bed so I'll try out the memory recalling method for sure. I'll edit this later.
  3. Maybe when you're a baby with your initial memory that's actually your last moments of your past life, and when your real memory starts that's when you begin your new life? :confused:
  4. I'm an anxious person so I'm not sure I'd want to know about my past lives. Might make me more obsessive than necessary.
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    This is why operating from a balanced center is stressed so much.


    By that I mean that it is the choice of some to undertake exercises which will naturally correct anxiety issues. Illuminate the mechanism that something depends upon and it can become an extension of your will like wiggling your toe.
  6. If your posts weren't so massive I wouldn't be so hesitant to refute them... :laughing: :p
  7. Lol. Hey, the Mysteries are no simple subject, and I do not wish to get people thinking the wrong things due to their own speculation, I prefer to reveal the teachings of the Spirit in full so that the spirits of others can recognize them without work. There are things I leave out that you won't find written in any book that need to be "earned", but other than that, why shouldn't people be given the full scoop ya know? Half truths are whole lies.
  8. Wow man, your posts never cease to get my nuerons firing haha. That's a very interesting perspective, how do you know the cycle of reincarnation is 144 years? Just wondering where you derived that from.

    Also how would one go about focusing on a memory which one does not uh... remember? Are you supposed to just attempt to remember something that happened? or do you need to wait for something to spark a memory, and then focus on that initial spark?

    Very interesting stuff, as always.

  9. As far as knowing, well, considering most of you think we just vanish back into the universe upon death, I can't offer you any proof that the common human could verify for himself. People seem to think that we've evolved to this point of intellect, yet we will evolve no higher, that there is nothing beyond the intellectual mind, even though during the period of Instinctive mind in prehistoric man, we evolved into self conscious intellectual beings. People seem to think that we are all knowing, that even though we evolved into self conscious beings, that there is nothing further to evolve into. This goes against the theory of evolution, because EVERYTHING is constantly evolving, rocks of the earth, which people consider dead, are evolving and changing. Animals are evolving and becoming more efficient in their doings even.

    You cannot focus on a memory that you do not remember. However like I said there are times when something will bring a lost memory back to the surface of your consciousness. Often times when you try to remember something that you can't, it wil come to you when you lest expect it while thinking of something else.
  10. Gotcha, that's kind of what I figured just wanted to make sure. Definitely going to try this tonight, after I smoke the rest of my stash. Some buddha will definitely helps me to shed my consciousness :).

    And yes I believe we are evolving, without even realizing it. Also your perspective on reincarnation and evolution would help to explain why young children are learning at an exponentially rapid pace.
  11. Is it possible that my anxiety disorder is something leftover from a past life?
    I've always wondered that.
    Great post as usual.
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    Indeed it is. The suffering of this life is the result of the Law of Compensation, the soul is purged in purgatory, but it requires suffering of the flesh to mold the personality. It not only goes along the lines of mental suffering such as depression/anxiety, but also lifes physical events. There are people who constantly have events occur to them that produce feelings of longing and sorrow even though they constantly do good and right, and they look at the criminals that seem to profit off their taking from others, never being caught, and they ask themselves "why do I try to do right when all that happens to me is wrong", yet that person cannot bring themselves to live a lower life due to the soul being purged of it's karmic debt from the past life. They are good people with "bad luck" and cannot understand why evil people have good luck, yet with this logic they still cannot bring themselves to become evil people, because deep down their conscience has been molded by the purging and purifying of the soul in purgatory. Purgatory develops conscience, physical suffering develops personality.

    Smokee, I would advise you do not smoke weed as this exercize, regardless of being the "easiest", is still very difficult and requires complete focus. Marijuana tends to make the mind wander off on subjects, delving deeper and deeper asking questions getting answers, the answers only producing more questions. You need to be able to hold a single thought until you drift off to sleep and still retain the sense of self. Marijuana will greatly hinder your ability to do this. I cannot understand people who smoke weed and think they have great revelations through meditating. There is no need to meditate to have philosophical thoughts while under the influence of drugs, you can lay in bed or sit in a chair, or walk down the street and your mind will ponder deeper things. The way meditation works is that you shut off your conscious thoughts, so that the subconscious mind which is connected to the Spirit can go to work. While you are not aware of this subconscious thought, upon returning to conscious thought you will find that the answer pops out of nowhere into the conscious thought process.

    There are other forms of meditation of course, but the meditation to get answers to the Mysteries requires shutting off the consciousness and awareness of the body while still remaining awake. Your subconscious knows what answers you seek, you do not need to direct your conscious thoughts on the matter. Many times we will try to find an answer or remember something, and after forgetting about it it comes to us seemingly out of nowhere while we are doing/thinking of something else. It's alike to a row of billiard balls. You hit the cueball into the balls (attempting to find an answer) and although the row of balls don't move that you can see, the last ball jumps into motion (the consciousness) and you have your answer through a seemingly non existing action that is not recognizable until the last ball moves.
  13. I must have been a COMPLETE piece of shit in my past life, because THIS life is a bitch. Bad shit happened to me when I was 4, 6, and then it all just went downhill from there.

    It's insane.

    And even though I learn lessons in this life, it feels like the body and or mind are going against my soul/spirit - constant battle...

    Oh well. I intend to ride it out, however. No suicide.

    I try to meditate, but with ADD it's extremely difficult. Any tips or a link would be greatly appreciated. :)
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    Well I didn't go to sleep, I wore off the majority of my high reading your other post about the answers to the "unknowable" questions that arise out of life and death. Man that was a good read, if I could put into words all the thoughts that I had while reading that I could probably fill a good size book, although I quickly forgot a lot of them haha.

    I'm going to try to enter that deeper form of meditation, so you just shut off your consciousness/awareness while trying to remain awake? That seems almost impossible, isn't being awake equivalent to being conscious? Sorry I know this must be extremely hard to explain I just want to make sure I'm grasping the concept as well as I possibly can.

    Also why is the position of the body important when trying to reach this state of becoming intune with akasa. What exactly is akasa? Just a record of everything ever recorded by your subconscious including those observations that did become conscious?
  15. I was nodding my head all through out the essay. Good one man...

    It is so true, about being at some foreign place and feeling rather at home.

    Tonight, using your method, I'm gonna try to remember if I ever lived in Nigeria.

    Thanks for the instruction.

    Lie flat, legs crossed, arms behind the head... think about the memory I want to recall...
  16. Arms on top of head. Here, allow me to make a crude illustration so all who would like to practice this method know the position. Again, this is not some 5-6 tries and you have it mastered exercise unless you already have your focus developed beyond the average person.

    I LOL'd at the finished picture


    Uploaded with
  17. I'm definitely going have to do some kinda of exercises. The only time I'm not feeling anxious about something is when I'm doing this:smoking:, which isn't very often, lol. Thnx for the advice.
  18. Not a bad drawing. I get the picture.

    Yesterday I said I was gonna try it but when I got home, and when it was time to sleep, I completely forgot about it.

    May be I'll try again when I remember.
  19. you already know i have a special interest in memory.....

    I have very clear and exact memories from before i could talk....
    i was talking well...holding conversations by the time i was 1 year old....

    I remember my thoughts before i could talk and i remember distinctly having a complete grasp of the language ......

    I also remember i didnt want everyone to know i understood everything they said .....

    before i could speak or walk my mother would put me in a little wash tub, barely big enough for me to sit in. with a bit of water in in it, in the yard.

    she was hanging cloths on the line and i was splashing the water....

    a little bee flew up and hovered around me...
    the bee was my friend
    it would land on me and take off tickled

    i liked it

    the bee and i had an understanding......we were enjoying each others company....

    then my fucking mother saw the bee and freaked out!!!!!! started screaming and throwing water at the bee to chase it off....

    the whole time she is doing this i am crying because i want to tell her to stop!
    i want to express to her that this is my friend she is chasing away!

    now i am less then 1 year old at this time......

    I remember feeling complete disbelief that she could not understand that this was my friend!
    I could not believe how afraid she was! there was nothing to fear at all!

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