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The past few times I've gotten high my left arm goes numb/sore

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by scienceofsleep, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Kinda long but here goes:
    I am an avid smoker. Ive been eating and smoking weed for quite some time now and have never experienced these effects.

    The first time it happened I was on an ecstasy pill and a bump of Molly. said the pill contained some meth in it.

    While I was rolling I started smoking weed and my left arm goes numb, not completely numb, but enough for me to feel it and at the same time it feels sore. I freaked out at first, but I figured it was just the drugs all put together.

    That night left me rattled and hung over, my body is also sore. then the next couple of days while I was recovering from the shitty meth effects of the pill, every time i smoke pot I get that feeling in my arm again. I also feel a tingling wave sensation on the top of my head.

    The last time i smoked earlier today, my arm went kinda numb and then it started radiating with a blunt sore pain and it felt like my arm was really heavy and clumsy. I feel the radiating sensation very little anywhere else on my body.

    It keeps happening and I keep freaking out about it. Does anyone know what that is or why its happening?

    Thank you guys for any insight you can provide me with.
  2. maybe you strained your arm and don't remember it? could be a variety of reasons. try exercising, stretching, or massaging your arm a little bit
  3. The only thing i can think of is mold.
    You may have smoked some weed with mold in it and you could be allergic to it.
  4. The weed I got was from a dispensary and it was pretty fresh. It happened with some hash oil and some weed so I don't think thats quite it.

    My muscles are very sore from that night. I feel the sore/numbness on other limbs but for some reason the left arm is the most pronounced. I think it is sore related though.
  5. Trying to help you out by doing some research.

    So far i've read that it could be stress related and your adrenal glands have been depleted.

    Prolonged use of cannabis depletes adrenal glands which then causes the irregular body chemistry manifesting in the inflammation of the muscles causing spasms, muscle tension and pain.

    I could be completely wrong though.
  6. Also... quoted from another forum.

  7. That happened to me a couple times when I first started smoking. I never figured it out and it just stopped happening after a while.
  8. If you are getting chest pain and trouble breathing you might be experiencing an MI.
    I hope you're not dead man.
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  10. not from weed. ya fukin crackhead
  11. drink a couple beers and go for whatever! I have been dealing with this for over a month my left arm would go knumb, felt like something was gripping my heart & I would start shaking uncontrollably... Is your state of mind these types of things happen when you're feeling anxious... Anxiety is weird man! if you experience any of these symptoms while doing something you are accustom too drink a couple beers, jack off or take a shower it will help!
  12. Hey if you are reading this in 2018 I would like to share my experience with this also. :) I'm not one to usually do this... but when I came seeking for answers and found this thread everything seemed relatable, I have a better understanding of what is going on I do believe the majority what people have found and explained true... I thank you all for atleast some closure. Guess more people have experienced this, which is good to know I'm not alone. ☺

    Anyways iv smoked weed religiously for 13+ years everyday. Couldn't get enough of the stuff then suddenly... I lost the love of my life my Gran... I was her carer but iv always lived with her, ever since I can remember. She was a lovely woman so when she got sick I felt it was my duty to look after her, as she did with me when I was younger. Anyways when she passed I didn't take it to well.. Took loads of cocaine, spirits(alcohol), MDMA and smoked alot of weed. Everything was good untill I tried to go to bed, I tried to settle down and that's when it began to happen.... In my bed I felt a crazy rush down the left side of my body! I didn't really take notice of it cz I just thought I was wrecked / wasted? But then it began to intensify! It felt how my tooth feels after sniffing a bit of good cocaine... but it wasnt my tooth... It was my left side of my face and arm, then it shifted to my rights side aswell as my left and before I knew it my whole body was numb completely! I started to panic as iv never felt anything quite like it. I thought I was having a stroke! I think I had a panic attack or somthing crazy that night because ever since, everytime I have a smoke the left side of my arm is exactly the feeling everyone else is explaining in this thread!?! so maybe it is the bodies way of rejecting it because it doesn't agree with it anymore. Maybe il be dead in a few weeks (lol Jk jk)... Only time will tell, I want you all to know that I still smoke a little bit now. Even if my body is rejecting / not wanting it I love weed nothing bad about it! Just because my arm goes funny I ain't gunna stop! I just have a little, I can't smoke it like I usto. I suppose that was gunna happen sooner or later anyways! Just be happy and do what you enjoy in life and Im sure everything will be fine. Hope this helps and gives people a better insight anyways. Sending love from the UK / Newcastle all the best and take care. ♥
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  13. .ild heart attack bro get it looked at be honest with the dr. Lol think bout it meth weed x lol . I use to do alot of blow yrs ago same shit as u tingling left arm but i also got sharp chest pain not too strong though.
  14. i'm having a lot of the same symptoms did anybody find help for this when i smoke my left are will feel like its ghosted id say numb but i can still feel it and it makes my heart race i'm thinking its caffeine but i'm not sure i just don't want to go to the doctor and them tell me i'm fine.ill also get pains in my body and ill get dizzy out of nowhere and have to sit down.
  15. i only smoke weed and i drink averagely a couple beers a night or just on the weekend when i'm off work.
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    OP is almost 8 years old you'd probably get more help/replies if you made a new thread dude.
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  17. I see drug talk. Ya'll naughty.
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  18. It was that other drugs. Withdrawals. Happened to me after quitting that stimulants stuff. I don't even pop pills anymore except those prescribed and smoke weed. Try higher CBD content?
  19. Alcohol withdrawal maybe.
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