The Party!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by firerush2001, Feb 2, 2002.

  1. High all, whats new today?

    Well last night we had a party...It all started out with just a couple of us...My buddy and I made some oil and a bit of hash...The hash I have not tried YET...But on the other hand the oil was great..Made 2 batchs of oil and one of hash....Anyways with the party...Some-more people showed up....I had a hold on things until I realized there were way to many people here...The last time I knew, there were like 10 people , now I looked and seen that there was well over 20 people... Time to start kicking people out...Well that was more of a chore....Trying to get that many people out is like trying to get women out of a store with sales on...... After all was gone and I sat down, I was tiried....Went to sleep.....shhhh.shhhhh.shhhh..Now its morning and I wake up.Well I have not seen such A pig pen..My house is a mess with beer bottles everywhere,beer cans, roach papers, weed, oil that we made everything is a mess...Some dishes are broken,the phone does not work,hole in the futon, A big mess to clean up...Well here is one of my life stories and things I do daily.....Lucky we have a maid, she lives with us..Her name hippycracker...We party, she comes and cleans, does our dishes, sweeps the house, picks up our laundry and washes it... She makes us our food, brings it to us...Well all around I'd have to say were lucky to have her live here....Thanks.....
  2. i've wanted to know for quite some time now
  3. the way i see it, this beaker kid is kinda screwed... just go ahead now and change your name, get that over with.
    *im actually shaking my head. your poor mom....
  4. lol at the lady who says"YOUR POOR MOM"I live on my own thank you.....
  5. Yeah right...whatever Beaker!

    Just kidding...I've got no clue who this guy is. Just wanted to,, that's the ticket!:stoned:
  6. phs,psh at the respected please
    ...hehe ok. i love it!!!
    darn it i missed beakers unedited message...(not that i care TOO much) but i am rollin on the floor at my being called "the lady"....
    * note...i thought we had a vote and changed his name for him. ????
    anyhow if i hit anysort of nerve by implying you were , ahhhh,....being takin care of, im sorry.
    ( hey im being all takin care of, its not a bad gig). anyhow must be nice to have a cool party,last one i threw was at the bowling alley for 7yr im glad ya had a nice time....
    an believe me,...i wish i had a hippicracker ;)

  7. Beaker, it sounds like you live with your Momma to me.

    And where do you get the handle beaker from? Wasn't there a freaking looking muppet with weird hair and goofy glasses named Beaker. Just please don't tell us that your Momma named you "Beaker" after a muppet, I don't think us O.F.F.ers could take that.*LOL*
  8. Beaker has a muppet haircut? LOL, that is freaking hilarious!

    Where's the barbershop? down on Sesame Street!

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