The parents and the weedizm!

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  1. I always knew my dad took tokes,it was no secret.But he always sed 'Do as i say son,not do as i do'..But obviously when your dad loves the chronic,what are they odds your not gonna?..Low.have gave me the talk of don't try drugs, drink on occasion etc,etc..But one day i was smoken the peace pipe and he comes home early from work,busts his ass in the door and with a FURIOUS look on his face yells 'IS THAT FROM MY STASH!?',i told him no (which was the truth i was smart enough to buy my own and not mooch of-a him,in fear of getting busted.)As i replied 'No dad please don't get mad!,It's my first time!!' he looked at me like 'what kind of a moron do u take me for!?' then said.'Okay long as its not my stash,Pack me a pipe dude!'...

    ..And that's my story of getting on the green with pops.All true :cool:

  2. Ya my dad tokes too. I just wish one day i could toke with him. Might be kinda awkward.
  3. Awesome story!
  4. I told my granny I smoked weed, and come to find out she was a total stoner as a teen, much to my delight. But I did NOT want my parents to find out...
    Welll, my mom straight up asks me one day if I did drugs, and I was like "Aw, shit, I'm dead now" cuz I can't lie to my mom, she's like fuckin' Jack Burns off of Meet the Parents she KNOWS when you're lying so I straight up told her "Uh, I smoke dank"
    And she didn't care.
    She actually was cool with it.
    I was SO happy, cuz now I can discuss my high stories with her!
    Dad doesn't know...
    It's going to STAY that way because I KNOW he'll definately kill me.
  5. Yeah, my dad is cool with it, the mom isnt though..

    Well it started all i was playing rockband and we got to talking, and i mentioned how everyone was high at cedar point the other day. he was like nothing wrong with that and smoked me out, 16th birthday, best ever.

  6. Do eet. From experience, let me tell you it's worth it. Took me a while but no regret here.

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