The Parental Face to Face

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SuperNES, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. So for the first time, i had a sit down chat with my parents about me getting stoned. and let me tell you, after hearing their initial reaction compared to how bad i thought it was gonna be, i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

    lesson learned today? Smoking weed seems to have a way of making things work out for the better.

    And now, i don't have to worry about my crazy eyes when i'm home! :smoking:

    Keep Tokin!

  2. Damn dude, should of just bought eyedrops, shit. Haha
  3. nope, i'm 14
  4. eye drops + febreze = never cought
    the first time infront of my parents
    i was freaking out
    but after the first time its nothin
    i find talking to them more is beter because they dont ask any questions
    but dont use axe body spray
    it only covers it
    febreze gets rid of it
  5. InB4 Underage B&
  6. Surely, you KNOW that SJ's business comes before the forums, and we cannot have underaged people on the forums. Whether you're joking or not, this is not the time to be like that

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