"The Pain Pill Song"

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  1. My friend wanted to do a track on pain pills and I said I'd get on it. This is MY FIRST TIME RECORDING -so go easy on me. I do pain pills on occasion, not as much as it sounds on the song lol. But yeah, here give me your opinion. You can be as honest as you want. Advice welcomed.

    Download Painpillparty.mp3 - Kiwi6.com Mp3 Upload
  2. Noone is gonna download that. Upload it to youtube or some other streaming site :/

  3. You don't have to download it. Press play under "Play this mp3:".....
  4. I do pain pills...

    You know how stupid you sound right now? Seriously get your shit together

  5. Lol, really?
  6. [quote name='"Tenninethousand"']

    Lol, really?[/quote]

  7. WHACK ass beat, I didnt mind the lyrics or your flow though, all in all pretty good. but the beat, made me want to cut my wrists...
  8. Are you saying you snort vicodins in this song? lol Cause you said you cant get oxies so that's what I figured..plus pupils get bigger not smaller least get your drug facts right
  9. The flow and how you said what you said was sick
    but I wasn't feeling the beat or the lyrics

  10. lol can't tell if serious.

  11. Opiates make your pupils smaller, get your drug facts right.

    Oh and OP, not bad for your first time. To be honest I expected it to be really shitty, but you actually got a decent flow. Just keep on practicing, I think you've got some potential.
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    Dude, I said I take VICODINS like VITAMINS (MEANING I TAKE THEM EASILY, LIKE SWALLOWING A VITAMIN - You don't snort vitamins, do you?). Also, you get your drugs facts right - smaller pupils. Pitiful. Also, I never said I can't get oxies. I said "No oxycontin is not an option." Meaning that me NOT being able to get them, is not an option. You're retarded.

  13. Thanks man. Lyrically, I think I did pretty straight - lots of compounds and multi's. I just need to work on delivery and voice and overall.

    When it comes to the beat - I didn't pick it..my friends did. This verse is actually going on a remix for a song that my friends already recorded.
  14. I didn't read anything after this post so I don't know if someone corrected you, but opiates (pain pills) even vicodin that are no opiates make pupils smaller not bigger.... lol get your drug facts straight :) . They make them pin needles, uppers make your pupils bigger though.
  15. Dude's a jawannabe Lil Wyte.
  16. Yep. Because, you know - Lil Wyte and I are the only ones to ever enjoy pain pills.
  17. lol sick flow

  18. Thank ya.

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