The P test

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  1. Gretings All :+}
    Dunno what forum i saw this but it really works.
    Drink a bottle of Gateraide,4 hours before the test,well 3/4 bottle ...then...piss it all out and then finish the gateraide 1/4 bottle..and when you are tested ...first piss out a bit into the toilet..then make a 1/4 cup for the nurse
    and pass the test.
    Did it today and not a word from the Doctor.

    All for now

  2. Yeaaaaaaaaaaa im pretty sure its not that easy man
  3. If you took the test at a doctors office, they send it into a lab so its gonna be about a week before you get the results.. and i seriously doubt this.

    Whenever i need to pass tests, i just get some legal herbs off this kickass website someone on here linked me too haha.
  4. pm please?
  5. if it was that easy everyone would do it.

    if i had a penny for every post saying they had the magical cure for drug tests, i'd be a penny-millionaire
  6. I passed a piss test, including lab/creatine/specific gravity test confirmatory testing. I don't exactly remember the name of the product, but I was so dirty for weed, and my piss was the color of a glowstick, but, I passed for weed and adulterants. I think it was HerbalClean32? It was at GNC... [This was a probation piss test]
  7. Thank you 1 and all for your replys ..negative and positive.....the test was done with a testing stick,for all chemicles....and i get the test every month. The info was from another post here in this site,i needed a quick soltion,and it worked.Gateraide is a drink for quick absorbtion into system.
    Once again Thank you all for the replys
    both children and adults.
  8. stop fucking spelling every other word wrong. FUCK.

  9. the doctor doesn't tell you if you passed or not an hes not allowed to tell your parents. its called doctor-patient confidentiality. dont worry about it man
  10. srsly guys if u want pass p test just dilute ur pee with bleach. dont drink alot tho!!! only like 1 cup or maybe a lil more if u smoked ALOT!!! trust me ma boi did it and he didnt get caught unlike the rest of u fewls. btw my friend is dead from bleach poisoning, but his ass didnt get caught
  11. lol ur a dick, but ur funny. wut a shame that ur banned already. stupid trolls:rolleyes:

  12. lol? thats retarded
  13. Have someone you know with a clean system pee in a condom. Get a safety pin and put it through your pants so you can hold onto it. Then when u get to the doctors, poke a hole in the condom and let the pee go into the cup, WALA passed. not like they stand right there and look at your dick while you pee.. I know dudes who did this before
  14. lol i thought this was pretty funny. toooooo bad hes banned :p

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