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The Oxycontin Express

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by DynamiteShikoku, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Vanguard : The OxyContin Express // Current

    I've always thought oxycontin/oxycodone was just a pain relief pill but...'s actually legal heroine... ...and since it's from a pharm, you know what your getting.

    Wait till you see the dudes stash in candy form, he got that in 2 MONTHS, WTF.
  2. What a great documentary, thanks so much for posting. It really opened my eyes to the situation, i never knew it was so serious, and being in South FL it really is interesting to see that such a huge issue is occurring right around me

    You are right about the candy bags part, with the mother using pieces of candy to represent the hundreds of pills her son got from prescriptions in the only 2 months before he died of an OD, that was a great example of how serious and ridiculous the prescription drug problem is

    Thankfully they finally did adopt that prescription monitoring system for FL, but its going to take until late 2010 to implement, oh well its a step in the right direction

    So FL is the largest producer of indoor grown marijuana and supplier of prescription narcotics in the country
  3. were over here smokin the safest MEDICINE in the known universe and pharmacueticals are creating laboratory heroin.... glad to see what pills were giving are kids....
  4. Jesus, 1500 pills in 2 months. They want that fucker to die don't they. Go to the west coast and get some herb, go to the east and get your chemical. DEA tells the sheriff to fuck off cuz they are too busy busting the west coast. Fucking dumb ass DEA.

  5. exactly... our system is so fucked up:mad:

  6. During our addiction, my wife and I would go down to WPB once a month to a pediatrician who also had a side job so to speak. I'm sure you heard about it down there Painkillers prescribed: WPB Pediatrician in hot water - Fox29 WFLX TV, West Palm Beach, Florida-

    I heard stories of tons of crooked docs doing this. I don't have the time to watch the entire doc so I'm not sure if they talk about them but they are a big reason why it's so bad. I knew of people that would pay 10 people to go down there to get scripts then bring them all back to main person. So you're talking 1 person gets 90 30mg roxicodone, 120 xanax, and 120 methadone. Paying for the scripts was not a problem when you're selling the roxi's for $30/pill.

    I'm glad my wife and I kicked them a little over a year ago. Now when I see an obvious drug seeker come in to the ER all in pain like they're trying to earn an oscar, I just look at them with pity but also disgust since they actually stooped low enough to come to the ER and waste our time.
  7. Well I'm glad to see you've moved above your addiction stangfriik, being so prevalent and common around you it really is easy to fall into drugs, especially those as addictive as opiates, whether semi-synthetic or natural

    And in the documentary yes they did talk much about how pain relief medication and prescriptions have moved beyond a helpful medicine to those that need it into a big business and industry full of advertising and selling solely to make a profit, not to treat anybody. They showed ads upon ads in the local paper in the documentary of the dozens of pain management clinics that put advertisements out, even offering coupons and offering services they know are preferred by drug dealers and addicts

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