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  1. I understand his name is SJ something? Basically I and feel I can speak for alot of other blades we would like to know more about you? It be cool to have your real life story in the real life story section. You have made something really cool id like hear about the path that led you here and what else you do ? What are you like? when did you come up with the idea for GC? How did you go about it? anything lol high and curious.
  2. I doubt he'll see/hear about this thread but I too want these questions answered. You're awesome man :smoke:
  3. that would actually be pretty neat
  4. SJ= SuperJoint.....he's never been big on answering Q's unless it's about function of GC,or about the store:smoke:
  5. sj needs to write an autobiography.
  6. Id read his story for sure
  7. sj for president
  8. ^^ no thanks. Anyone can start a website like this. All you need is some dough and you're set. Although it would be a little harder to maintain and operate a store online aswell. SJ did a good deed though and we all enjoy this site cause its great.
  9. He is amazing and a good man. That's all you need to know :cool:
  10. screen shots or it never happened
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    For his safety I'd rather he stays anonymous like he already has......

    edit: Perhaps I could offer some insight. He's a dude and he owns a website. He sells legal highs, pipe, bongs and other items on the website, and probably makes a decent amount of money doing it. (when you type in pipes or bongs at google this is the first website...) He's a normal guy not some messiah of sort. Oh yeah and if it weren't for people to buy things on his website he likely wouldn't care (or have enougn money?) to keep this forum going...

    In other words, the website is more the store than the forum. I dunno I'm high...
  12. [​IMG]

  13. Pretty sure any posts with his real name and shit get removed, even though the informations readily available on google.
  14. Testelumps ...pls stop doing that
    some people just don't have a strong stomach for that crap
  15. All I can say is ride low, fly high....... my story is nothing special, just enjoying what I do and mighty proud of this place. I don't care what people might or not might think of me, grasscity is not me alone, but a place where over 15 people find a daily living, working hard. And we are planning here to stay for a little bit longer ;-)

  16. the store is the store, and the forums are the forums, the forum cost us money, not the other way around, whatever you think, we care a whole lot.....

  17. If I were to give you an offer to buy this website would you consider it?
  18. Yea, cause hypothetical situations are exactly like real life.
  19. I have the money, and if the price is right...
  20. Everything is for sale except my family and friends.....


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