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The "Overdose"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HIGH IQ, May 16, 2010.

  1. Now I am FULLY aware of the facts that you cannot OD on weed and die...

    But how many would agree that you CAN overdose. In the sense that you have literally OVER dosed and had somewhat ill effects.

    I would say I have had personal experiences of times when I smoked to much and felt like shit.

    Even with some really high quality bud.

    I could allude to the time I had visuals and body sensations. Honestly, although it was QUITE enjoyable, I will admit that it was more than medicinal, and in all truth, more than recreational. Thats just maybe a little too much. Even though it was fucking cool.

    So you really can smoke to much. If weed IS in fact an herbal medicine, then you can in fact overdose. That being that you did more than the medicinal dosage.

    Im not advocating smoking less, or that weed is bad for you...

    Just that idea that maybe we should distinguish, DEATH from OVERDOSING.

    Overdosing simply means you did more than the dosage. It never meant you died. I cant take 4 motrin, which IS an overdose, and not die, but I will feel pain in my liver. But of course weed wont destroy your body.

    I believe death is impossible, but overdosing is, and is in a medicinal sense, done a lot. That is probably where we reach the point of recreation.

    Im just trying to look at it from a logical and well thought out view. So dont lose your mind and smear me because you feel like im on the side of the system.

    Keep on tokin ;)
  2. sometimes i smoke too much and im like damn, i smoked too much.

    carry on with business.

  3. Idk, I just had a thought. Most people I know of, and I am guilty of this. Go into a sesh or a personal smoke sesh thinking "I need to push it to have the best experience".

    As in, always go past your limit. maybe 3-4 rips was all you needed for the whole night even, but you sure as hell arent stopping there.

    Honestly ive had a life changing experience smoking 20 dollars worth of high mids/beasters with my friend. Basking out in the sun, high, not blazed. But still feelin great.

  4. hahahah ,same. Kinda like with i over eat and i'm like damn,i'm full as fuck....sleep time :p
  5. i've never had any problems with "overdosing" in that way.

    In my experience people who "overdose" just have panick attacks and freak out.

    i just ate 3gs in edibles yesterday and not a thing went wrong.

    really comes down to the individual in the end.

    of course i know people will come say that they have eaten like 7gs in edibles and felt like they were gonna die but thats just them being stupid and eating 7gs in edibles. i mean cmon, what do you expect?
  6. I wouldn't consider that an overdose's just you smoked to much for your mind to if go and drink 12 beers and take a bunch of shots I'll probably feel like shit and just think to myself "i'm way too drunk right now" but i didn't quite overdose and reach the point of alcohol poisoning..I've never smoked "too much" cannabis and displayed ill effects that can endanger my life. My 2 cents, I'm pretty blazed right now :smoking:
  7. I've smoked too much for the situation, but I wouldn't consider it overdosing.
  8. ^^ it has alot to do with your state of mind.i find that people who are anxious while they smoke or worried they seem to freak out more often.

  9. This guy rocks :metal:
  10. yeah ive OD'd lol i didnt smoke for a lil while and then tried go right back at it like i used to. my tolerance was at 0 the rest of the night i didnt feel good, couldnt think do anything it was bad, couldnt even play games, i just passed the fuck out
  11. Usually I lose pass out when I smoke "too much" it doesnt really feel shitty i just feel really really tired. Maybe its cause i can only normaly find indicas. Here is one bad experience I had though, I smoked like 4 bowls by myself. (I normally only smoke like 1 during a session cause I smoke alone alot (Less people mooching that wont ever pay me back or return the favor). I was really high and then suddenly had a really bad stomach cramp, I dont know if it was the weed or indigestion. I proceeded to be in horrible pain for the next hour in the bathroom, it felt like torture (seriously like the second worst pain ever, first would be when I landed flat off a 3 meter springboard and poped a blood vessel in my eye) After about an hour the pain subsided a little and I could think clearly again. I noticed a puddle of sweat on my bathroom floor, apparently I had been sweating the whole time, and I was not even a little bit high ne more. I dont know if it was the pain that sobered me up or sweating so much. I'm not sure how much THC comes out in sweat to begin with, but I have a friend who is on probation and when he needs to detox he drinks tons of water and locks himself in his car and just sweats, he has never failed a test. So yeah, all I could think about later was, what a waste of weed :(
  12. I thought i did this once but turns out i had been smoking out of plastic and it was the fumes that made me so dizzy i threw up.

    Wow i was a noob smoking out of plastic. But hey live and learn.
  13. i've overdosed in the sense i've felt like i was drunk instead of high but i didn't let anyone know lol
  14. P.O.D'd son..
    Pot Overdose.
    I think i can say bone thugs n harmony made it up. or they use it alot.
    And yea, i get pod'd all the time jammin to some bone
  15. overdose on weed = bed time
  16. i herd u can only overdose on weed wen u cook it is it tru?

  17. Doubt it.

    Its a different high.
  18. I don't think this has ever happened to me, but I think the fact that you can smoke a shit load of weed and be pretty much ok, (not have to be rushed to the fucking hospital, not have your liver explode, aka ) pretty much proves that cannabis is one the most benign substances we can put in our body) The fucking government doesn't want to see that. If you read the white houses current position on legalization, you'll see how far away we still are.
  19. I think I could smoke all day constantly and it wouldn't make me feel like shit. Sleepy, yes.
  20. Christmas break 2008: stayed with my family at my Grandma's in Venice

    Waited till everyone was asleep then smoked bongload after bongload.
    got the spins, then got super nauseous.

    I proceeded to throw up... a lot. Like the stoned idiot that I was, I threw up in the bathroom sink instead of the toilet, which proved a terrible decision when the vomit was too chunky to go down the drain and I spent 15 minutes scooping it with a cup into the toilet.

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